Walk-Ons Podcast with Special Guest Matt Jones!

Today, Ben and I have our first guest in podcast history. We’re very pleased that it’s Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, the best and most successful independent college basketball website out there. We talk about how he built the site, what’s happening down at Kentucky, what’s happening up at Duke, and the relationship between writers like him and the mainstream media. Afterward, we try to stick around for Tony Parker’s announcement, but we can’t cut the mustard so we fake an announcement that turns out to be true. Don’t tell the NCAA.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 – Intro, some Duke talk

9:50 – Matt Jones!

41:45 – Ben and I congratulate ourselves on how great we were in the interview.

45:00 – Twitter questions

50:30 – I rant about how much I hate myself for following idiotic high school athletes.

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