FYI to Walk-Ons Listeners

Hey gang,

Just a quick announcement that I, Shane Ryan, will no longer be doing the Walk-Ons due to the fact that I had too many irons in the fire and need some time back. I realize that this just barely merits an announcement, but I thought it was fair to let you all know in something more than 140 characters.

Doing the show was awesome, and I’m grateful to Matt and Ben for jamming with me, and to all y’all for listening. Whether the show continues or not will be up to them, and I imagine they will let you know soon. Thanks again, and sorry for the abrupt announcement.

I will take this moment to note that I’ll still be doing the once-weekly SportManToe podcast, a sports-comedy joint, which you can find on this site or at this tumblr.

As a lasting legacy for my time on the show, I present one final voicemail from another huge fan:

Your pal,


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