The TRB Comments of the Week!

Every week, more or less, we’ll be choosing one comment from the previous week that made our hearts swell with joy, pride, or love. Then we’ll be choosing another that made the rest of our organs swell with shame, hilarity, or disgust. All comments are printed as written.


In last week’s rivalry post, which sought to determine whether an argument could be made for Duke-UNC as the greatest American rivalry, Zeke brought up an excellent point:

While I love the rivalry, the only thing I will say it has going against it is that neither team has had any kind of meaningful post-season matchup in the NCAA tournament. Yes, the games have major implications with seeding and regular season titles, but what pushes other rivalries like Yankees-Sox, Celtics-Lakers or Real-Barca over the top is that they all have had moments that have literally ended the other team’s season and/or won them a championship in the process. That kind of defeat/victory surely pushes the intensity and quality of a rivalry to another level – it’s also another thing college football rivalries really have going for them, that a lot of times when Michigan and Ohio State played there actually was a spot in the national title game on the line. Can’t quite ever say that for Duke-UNC. Now, I’m not saying I think Duke-UNC is any kind of a lesser rivalry for the reasons listed above, but I do feel like it has to be taken into account. God help us all on that day when Carolina plays Dook in an NCAA tournament…

This is actually an excellent point. As far as I know, neither team has ever “ended” the other’s season. The only quirk here is that back in the day you couldn’t make the NCAA tournament unless you won the ACC Tournament, so it’s possible there was an elimination game of sorts between the teams during that era. I am too lazy to look it up then, but bonus comment points to anyone who can find out whether that scenario ever transpired. Either way, though, it never happens anymore, and I agree with Zeke that it diminishes the intensity, even just a little.


I’m changing the ‘negative’ sub-head to ‘other,’ since it’s more all-encompassing. In the Duke-China live blog, I made a joke that of all Duke players, Austin Rivers probably gets laid the most, and any Plumlee gets laid the least. That led to this, from Tara:

I don’t know… I would probably exclude Miles from that “Any Plumlee gets the least sex” rule

Of all the comments in history where I’ve desperately wanted a follow-up response, this ranks at the top. What do you know, Tara? Is Miles a crazy womanizer? Does he have more charm than any other five Plumlees put together? Is that even very much charm at all?

If you’re reading this, Tara, get back to us. This mystery must be solved in lurid detail. (Or should it?)

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