Triangle Prophets, Week 5

Every Friday, a group of fearless webmasters and sports fanatics from around the Triangle will gather to predict five college football games against the spread. Every Duke, Carolina, and N.C. State game will be featured, along with a smattering of high profile non-Triangle games. As the season goes along, we’ll keep the standings updated and see who emerges as the one true prophet. Make your predictions in the comment section. Each week, we’ll feature any and all commenters who pick all 5 games correctly.

Current Standings

1. Tar Heel Fan Blog – 10 points
1. Nate Friedman, UNC football correspondent – 10 points
William Earnhardt, Site Designer – 10 points

4. Me – 9 points
John Watson, The Devil’s Den – 9 points

4.The Devil Wolf, TRB – 9 points
Jim Young, Editor, – 9 points

8. James Henderson, Publisher, Pack Pride – 7 points


Will and I suffered a setback in Week Four, getting only a single pick right. That opened the door for Nate and Tar Heel Fan Blog, who each hit on three to surge into a tie for the lead. Jim Young also hit three to move into a close second, which is now a 4-way tie. Mr. Henderson continues to bring up the basement, but he’s trailing by less than ever before. Also, I’d be remiss not include this bit of group self-loathing sent in by Mr. Young in this week’s email chain:

My god, this is one big logjam of mediocrity.

Commence with all the “Yeah, just like the ACC” jokes if you’d like. But I won’t be a party to it, you hear me?

This Week’s Games

FIU (-3.5) vs. Duke
Carolina (-6.5) vs. EAST CAROLINA
Georgia Tech (-10) vs. N.C. STATE
VIRGINIA TECH (-7) vs. Clemson
WISCONSIN (-9.5) vs. Nebraska

The Picks

Tar Heel Fan Blog

Georgia Tech
Va Tech


Before my picks, it’s worth noting that there are 3 people tied for first. Me, William, and Tar Heel Fan Blog. All three of us are Carolina fans. WHAT SAY YOU NOW SHANE.

FIU over Duke. I can’t believe I’m picking FIU to win anything, but this is college football nowadays.
EAST CAROLINA over Carolina (This is a sneaky reverse pick, because if I lose this pick, writing my column becomes a lot easier)
Georgia Tech over NC STATE. I just watched the triple option wreck a national-caliber defense. And now they go to play NC State. Easy pick.
Clemson over VIRGINIA TECH. Maybe the best game in the ACC this season.
WISCONSIN over Nebraska. If I were a State fan, I’d probably be engaging in self-harming behaviors when watching Russell Wilson play.

Hmm. Besides the ECU-Carolina game, I feel pretty good about all those picks, which obviously means I’m going to go 0-5 this week and fall back into the Prophet Dungeon.


Dook – Same as last week…if you want to make a bowl game, you need to beat the shitty teams.
– We better win by at least 7 or I’m not going to care about how I do on these picks anyway.
GA Tech
– State got a couple of extra days to prep for Paul Johnson’s frustrating option offense because of their Thursday night game last week, but I just don’t think they don’t have enough on defense. I think this one has blowout potential.
– That Clemson choke job has to come at some point, right?
Russell Wilson
– 9.5 is a lot, but if he wants the Heisman, Russell Wilson needs to show up tomorrow.

John Watson, Devil’s Den

North Carolina
Georgia Tech
Va Tech
The Fighting Wilsons (Wis)

Devil Wolf

Russell Wilson

Jim Young, ACC Sports

Ga Tech



James Henderson, Pack Pride


Commenter Pick of the Week!

Ladies and gents, we have our second PERFECT WEEK! Congrats to DevilInside, who went 5/5 (albeit with a free Cincy over N.C. State pick) and now has a place beside Lawton in the perfection column. Though you have to worry that, like Roger Maris, there will always be an asterisk next to his achievement. If you think you can match him, make your picks in the comments. We’ve still yet to have a perfect week among the prophets.

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6 Responses to Triangle Prophets, Week 5

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  1. Duke
    Georgia Tech
    Virginia Tech

  2. Duke- FIU is pretty good, but they did lose to La. Lafayette last week. I’m not sure they should be giving more than a field goal. Either way, I think the over is a safe bet here.

    East Carolina- They only lost to Va. Tech by 7, so not sure how a team that would be getting 7 against Va. Tech is favorted by almost 7 on the road. The line is illogical, which mean North Carolina will probably win by 45.

    Georgia Tech- NC State is terrible.

    Clemson- Va. Tech wins, but doesn’t cover. Clemson has too much offense.

    Wisconsin- Nebraska’s Black Shirts are more of a light grey this year. I think Wisconsin wins going away.

  3. SuperJew says:

    *BONUS GAME*: ‘Bama over Florida.

  4. devilinside says:

    DUKE- FTW.
    ECU- Tar Holes win but pirates cover.
    GA TECH- No brainer, sorry pack.
    CLEMSON- Dabo dabo do.
    HUSKERS- Neb will cover easily but Russell wins a close one.

  5. I’m watching the GT-NC State game. NC State has scored 2 garbage touchdowns in the last thirty seconds AND IS GOING TO DESTROY THE LINE. I HATE YOU VEGAS.

    1. GT wins by 10, so it’s a push. That’s a relief. Doesn’t screw anyone else. State definitely backdoor almost-covered there.

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