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  1. Nate
    February 14, 2012

    Statistically, what you’re saying makes sense. But this is one of those cases where stats fail to tell the whole story (don’t hit me, Adrian!). I haven’t made up my mind about this UNC team yet, and unquestionably last year’s team benefited from a great deal of luck, but UNC fans who have watched this team sleepwalk through a number of games this year know that the killer instinct question is a real one.

    I’m not saying that they DO lack a killer instinct. But I’m not sure they have one, either. It’s also hard to say until tournament time comes around. Remember, in 2009 a lot of people worried that UNC didn’t have that instinct either, but it turned out they were simply waiting until the tournament (or until they played Clemson, which seems to be an annual outlier) to turn it on. I think this team struggled early with the notion that they weren’t going to win every game by 40 points simply because they all came back to school. As that reality has set in, I wonder what the next two months will bring.

    • Chris
      February 14, 2012

      Agreed about the 2009 team. Of course they had two years together and two awful NCAAT losses to build on.

  2. Chris
    February 14, 2012

    UNC fan here, and I will be the first to say that I don’t think any less of UNC’s ability to close because of Wednesday’s game. Yes, UNC failed to make the one play that would have made the difference (three opportunities: Zellers’s FTs, Marshall’s bad TO, and Henson failing to block out on Kelly’s 2nd 3), but even with that, it still took three (badly) missed calls and Duke hitting several ballsy shots for the “collapse” to occur.

    Considering that the last two really fall into the area of “outside of Carolina’s” control, I can’t read anything more into the loss than what it was: a gut-wrenching loss in a historic rivalry.

  3. Larry Shit faced
    February 15, 2012

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