The Welcoming Committee

Here we are.

After much pomp and circumstance, Tobacco Road Blues is afloat. In nautical terms, we’re as mighty as the Titanic, but hopefully less prone to tragedy.

In fact, I’m going to guarantee it. I’m going to go that far, because today is an exciting day: reading this website will not increase your risk of personal tragedy.

It won’t lower it, mind you, but I want you to feel safe.

Here’s our deal. As the tag line above says in no uncertain terms, this site is dedicated to chronicling the ongoing athletic battle between Duke and UNC. The best (and laziest) way for me to explain things is via the FAQ format, so let’s get right to it.

Q: Who are you?

A: My name is Shane, and I previously wrote the blog Seth Curry Saves Duke! I started that site in late March of 2009, just after Duke had been eliminated by Villanova in the tournament. I was mad, and I was also excited that Seth Curry was coming to Duke. UNC won the national title shortly thereafter, but a year later Duke won the national title. I like to think that was entirely my doing.

Aside from SCSD, you can find my writing on and, starting tomorrow, Paste Magazine.

Q: Why are you switching sites?

A: A couple reasons. First, some background. I was a Duke undergrad, but last year I was in the graduate journalism program at UNC. I’m primarily a Duke fan, especially in basketball, but I like Carolina a lot and have met a lot of good people here. Even though I’m slightly less attached to their sports teams, I’m still kind of attached, and I want to cover both schools. I’m especially interested in those times when the schools collide and the interests become intermingled. I believe this is the best college rivalry in the country, and I think that extends beyond the rivalry’s flagship, basketball.

Outside of basketball season, SCSD was kind of a jumble. I think this change will give it more focus. Also, I wanted the site to look nice.

Q: Speaking of that, who designed the site?

A: The great William Earnhardt. I sort of had a broad conceptual idea, but he took that and created what you see. He’s the genius behind the look, and if you ever want to visit his website, it’s linked on the bottom right of this page.

There may be a few minor tweaks and changes happening in the first few weeks of the site, so don’t be alarmed if you see some alterations. It’s a work in progress. Any thoughts or suggestions you have on the site are welcome.

Q: What will be different about this site?

A: Coverage, writers, commenting, scope, EVERYTHING. Let’s break it down.

1. The coverage. Gone from SCSD is any Yankee talk. Gone is Rafael Nadal talk. I’m not saying we’ll never diverge from Duke and UNC sports, but those are absolutely the main focus. That means you’ll be getting way more college football coverage than before. You’ll also get some stuff on soccer, baseball, field hockey, volleyball, and whatever else feels important at the time.

2. The writers. Unlike at SCSD, my voice will be joined by a chorus of others. Tobacco Road Blues intends to have the most original and compelling writing of any media entity covering Duke or UNC. We’ve got some really exciting stuff lined up, but we are still looking for good writers. If you have a vision for something you’d like to write, please be in touch at [email protected]. We’re looking for creative people with a passion for college sports and a unique angle. Even if your ideas are currently a little vague, be in touch. We can work with you.

3. Commenting. One of my favorite things about the old blog was the commenting section. Yes, commenters can be rude and idiotic and racist and etc. But by and large, I think it’s great for a site to have a thriving discussion section. I always thought it was great meeting the people who read and had similar interests, and I’d like to keep that going here. As such, you can now register on the site and have a profile you can maintain from post to post.

4. Scope. While we’ll be getting deep into high profile sports like basketball and football, we’re going to make sure that the minor sports don’t go unreported. One of the most fun stories I did last year was a profile on Jacob Stallings, a super interesting guy who played on the UNC baseball team that made the College World Series. There are a lot of stories like that waiting to be told, but they often fly under the radar because those sports don’t generate the same kind of fan interest. At Tobacco Road Blues, we’re going to try hard to unearth the hidden narratives and expose them to a wider audience. It goes without saying that if anybody has an idea for a potential story, they should be in touch.

5. Everything. We’re going to keep this fun. We’re always going to be generating new ideas. Here are a couple:

A – The Hyper-Partisan Message Board Post of the Day. Every day, probably in the afternoon, we’re going to find the most extreme example of Duke or UNC hate and post it here. Then we’ll make fun of it.

B – The Tobacco Cup. Ever heard of the Carlyle Cup? It was a competition between Duke and UNC, with points awarded every time the teams met in any sport. It’s now been bought out by Continental Tire. The point is, it was a great idea that was poorly executed. The scoring system was nonsense, and nobody really cared. Here at TRB, we’re going to devise a new weighted system taking every sport into account and adding ultimate success to the formula. We’ll keep the current score on the sidebar, and we’ll let you know when a point is at stake.

C – The Annual Raid of Washington Duke’s tomb. We’re still working out the details on this one.

Those are just a couple ideas, and we’ll constantly be generating more.

Q: What can we expect in the next couple weeks?

This week will be a “transition week,” and I’ll be posting some of the greatest hits from SCSD. I’ll leave this post up all day, but starting tomorrow we’ll have two posts a day. Then, next week, the new content begins in earnest. A main focus will be Duke basketball’s trip to China and the start of football practice.

I’m psyched to get rolling, my friends. I’m sure there’s a lot I haven’t covered, so if you have any other questions or comments, leave them below and one of us will get back to you as the day goes along. Let’s get cracking!

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121 Responses to The Welcoming Committee

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  1. Dylan says:

    Shane – Congrats on the new launch, looking forward to following along. I probably haven’t ever told you this story before(aside from a brief comment in a Pick6 post), but this seems like a good time as ever to do it. I found your original blog, SCSD, by accident while reading one of your posts on a yankee message board. I literally accidentally clicked a link, that I think was in your signature, and found myself there. I have been a Duke fan since…. Sheesh, 2000 or so? I was 10, for reference. My sister had been introduced to Duke basketball by a friend, and it was pretty tough NOT to become a Duke fan in the Williams, Dunleavy, Duhon, Boozer, Battier days. From then on it was Duke bball all the way. Happening upon your blog was great, Duke+Yankee talk? Fantastic.

    As the story goes, a little while later I sent my dad a link to some post, probably yankee related. He forwarded it along to a few friends, and now we are(were?) avid readers. I can honestly say, of all the sports blogs I read yours is the one I look forward to most. Sure, I like reading about WAR and all these other sabermetrics that seem to be the big thing in baseball, but really, pure entertainment from SCSD. Without your blog, I would probably be a casual Duke fan. Watching (hopefully) 6 games a year. Outside of March Madness, I rarely watched up until a few years ago. These past few years I have turned into a MUCH bigger Duke fan, and I’d give you…. 90% of the credit on that.

    From the Pick Six, to the A-Rod A-Blog, to deep posts about Duke, Coach K, and the Yankees, every SCSD post has been entertaining and insightful. I’ve met some awesome people in the comments section, have gone to yankee games with them, played fantasy baseball with them, kicked their asses in the pick six, lost to them in the college bowl pool, and everything in between. I know that TRB will only continue to make me a bigger and bigger Duke fan, and maybe even hate UNC a little less.

    Good luck, but you won’t need it.


  2. T Fab P says:

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish you all the best in this exciting new endeavor. I look forward to getting more of perspective on this grand rivalry and think, no, KNOW that you will do a super job at it. I have enjoyed all the things you have written, the Grantland pieces, Seth Curry Saves Duke, and really enjoyed your coming on the podcast to talk Duke, baseball, journalism and much more. I look forward to the Paste magazine pieces too.

    I would be remiss not to tell you that it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to SCSD. After Dylan introduced me to it (Duke basketball AND New York yankees stuff) i became a faithful follower and looked forward to it showing up in my RSS feeder each day. I got to make some new friends thru the comment section and enjoyed the distinction of being one of the handful of winners of your Pick Six competition, a most enjoyable event and honor. I will miss the Yankee talk and will scour your writings for mere crumbs of mention of one of the two most hated teams in professional sports.

    Again, Good Luck and Good Writing!!

  3. Shane says:

    Hey, thank you both for the very kind words. And don’t despair, the SCSD spirit will carry over.

  4. sanfransoxfan says:

    SCSD was a complete hoot and you will hopefully continue to capture some of the silliness here. TRB has got serious potential and the Tobacco Cup sounds really exciting (note: let me be the first to suggest that baseball weighting be at least as high as LAX in the formula).

    The most exciting thing about TRB? As a NC High School grad back in touch with many of my classmates via FB (all UNC alums or fans, naturally) there may now be a single place where we can all check in and enjoy (I sent them all the “We’re National Champions” link in ’10 and I may have been de-friended by a number of them. Sigh).

    Much as you have moved down in the world (Duke-UNC), I moved up (NCSU-Duke). The wolfies still have a soft spot in my heart though (right next to the seething “you bastards screwed Valvano and everything that was good about State” spot), and if you wish I’ll be happy to weigh in occasionally with thoughts from the third wheel/bastard step-child in the dysfunctional Triangle family.

    I’ll miss the Yankees talk. The relentless decline of Jeter (cane to walker to wheelchair) while earning island-buying money was going to be delicious to experience through your eyes. Given your SCSD demographic (all of whom I expect to slot right over), I believe the comments section may still include some fun Yankees stuff?

    Looking forward to it!
    -dan e

    1. Shane says:

      Dan, feel free to bring your baseball love to the comments. I have a piece on Grantland up today about the Sox/Yanks series. Would love to hear your take on the Pack. Good to have you on board.

  5. Monty Taylor says:

    Hell if I care, the steering wheel’s just a thing that gets me to a game!

    1. Shane says:


  6. WVUHoops'08 says:


    Good luck with this latest project. I am looking forward to reading it often as well as your Grantland submissions. I know your insights, knowledge and sense of humor will keep me fully engaged.

  7. WVUHoops'08 says:

    PS – William Earnhardt did an outstanding with the design – very cool and captures what the TRB is all about.

    1. William says:

      Thanks WVUHoops! I’ll have to redirect some of those compliments back at Shane for his thoughts and ideas, I just did my best at building what he described.

      As Shane mentioned, the site is still a bit of work in progress, so there will continue to be improvements/tweaks/updates as we move forward, but we had enough ready to launch and he was itching to get started.

  8. Dr. K says:

    Congrats on the new site but don’t think you can instantly earn my respect. It will take at least 2, maybe 3 more posts. MOODY BLUE!

    1. Shane says:

      If you read, great. If you don’t, damned if I care.

      -The Moody Blue who took down Rasheed Wallace.

  9. jonny says:

    Huzzahs are in order. Congrats on starting a new blog, and especially on hopefully avoiding people thinking you are Seth Curry in the future. Looking forward to the new frontier.

    1. Shane says:

      Yeah, this should once and for all end the Seth Curry talk. God willing. Good to see mistah jonny.

  10. Shaker Samman says:

    Tobacco Road Blues.


    1. Shane says:

      Welcome shake-man.

  11. NastyEmu says:

    Nice, I haven’t had anyone to argue with lately. Congrats on grantland too. Hopefully Numbers Benton makes to move over here as well.

    1. Shane says:

      Numbers is in rehab right now, but he’s excited to start writing if they let him out. Glad the Maryland contingent is here. But just know, you fill the quota.

  12. Mike says:

    Howdy Shane. Congratulations on the new website. I remember reading your AIM profiles in college and thinking they were hilarious, but I guess this will give you a bigger fan base.

    Oh and congratulations on that whole getting married thing as well.

    -Mike L.

    1. Shane says:

      Thanks! I didn’t get married yet, though, just engaged. Also, if things ever get too corporate around here, I’m going to bail and get back to my AIM roots.

  13. John K says:

    Hey Shane, congrats on the website and the engagement! Been with you (little quietly at first) since the Tyler piece and I’m really looking forward to seeing it develop. Similarly to some Yankee fans, I will miss the Nadal/tennis love, but that’s a fair price to pay for quality focus.
    Couple of quick things: Shane/William: I know it’s no big deal and I’d get over it, but can we switch sides for UNC and Duke, with Duke slightly NE of UNC on the map overlay? That would really put my mind at peace. Also, you mentioned you WERE in the UNC journalism program last year. Was that just a one year program? If so congrats on the Masters degree (right?), otherwise, I’m hoping you’re still in the program! Putting new site in favorites right now. -John

    1. Shane says:

      Thanks John! It’s funny you mention that. The original design had UNC on the left, but it didn’t look quite as good to go from light to dark. But you’re not the first person to notice…maybe we’ll switch it around and see how it looks. In general, though, it looked odd to have it progress from light to dark as it went left to right.

      As for the program, I’m taking a leave of absence to focus on the writing jobs. Maybe someday a degree will be in my future.

    2. William says:

      Regarding the positioning of Chapel Hill vs Durham, that was definitely a point of discussion. We’re still playing with the design, so it could change. Just pretend you’re driving East on I-40 and it will help ease your mind a bit.

  14. Kathleen Fisch says:

    Congratulations Shane on your new venture! I am looking forward to new controversy and your reporting passion. William, the layout looks wonderful! Long live TRB!

  15. Craig J says:

    New Website? New Wife? Looks like there’s a lot going down in Downtown (or are you uptown?) Shane Ryan’s wheelhouse these days.

    Lookin’ forward to frequenting TRB, site looks great so far!

    1. Shane says:

      Downtown! You see any damn poodle on me?

      Thanks for coming by Craig, good to see you here. We’ll need a contribution from you at some point about how much BC sucks.

  16. DWright says:

    Nice….even as a Carolina fan, I enjoyed reading SCSD….look forward to checking out this site

    1. Shane says:

      Welcome man! I’m loving all the new commenters who didn’t want to mess around with the blogger setup.

  17. Jacob "The Destoryer" says:

    Site is looking great Shane! I am looking forward to having my go-to blog back with some changes. I’ll miss the Yanks talk, but SCSD brought back my love of Duke bball so I am very optimistic I’ll love the new site. Go Duke. And naturally, I’ll stay Moody and headbutt indiscriminately.

    1. Shane says:

      YESSSSSS. It wasn’t a party until the man who hates stories knocked at the door.

  18. Dan from CT says:

    Hi Shane, first time “poster” long time “reader”. How will this affect me? I feel all nervous and tense about the obvious impact this will have on the NCAA football bowl challenge you have each year. How will you overcome that? Reassurance needed… Sincerely, Sleepless in CT…

    1. Shane says:

      Rest assured Uncle D- the NCAA pool will still be run on a separate blog using the same format. We can all sleep soundly tonight.

  19. Jason Henkel says:

    Shane, good luck on the new site and good luck keeping it all fair and balanced. I never got in on the comments action on SCSD (blogspot is a pain) but I plan on trying to over here. I originally got pulled in with the (in)famous Hansbrough article, so I’m definitely pumped to see where the new blog is headed. Most of my friends never get why I was hooked on a Duke/Yankees blog as a Carolina grad anyway but now they’ll probably get it. Congratulations on the move and on all the work with Grantland.

    By the way, the site design is great…but the new “Tobacco Road Blues” font at the top is clearly a Duke font.


    1. Shane says:

      Jason, that’s funny, it does have that Duke gothic vibe. Will, the designer, is a UNC guy, so my hands are kind of clean. But the font, like some other things, is a work in progress. Thanks for checking in, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the first post tomorrow (I think all suspense is now gone).

  20. Tom Fisch says:

    Shane: To quote an old Duke bookstore employee, “I may not know much, but I know this much…”, there is nothing better than college sports and no better rivalry than “tobacco road”! Congrats on your new launch! As far as redesigning the locations of the Tobacco Road display, I never knew or know which way I am driving when I am there anyway, so just let it roll…………………..! Tom

  21. Ken Lang says:

    I love the idea of Tobacco Road Blues, it should be fun being able to take our best jabs back and forth between the Duke and Carolina fans all in good spirit of course. I wish you much success with the site, the rivalry between Duke and Carolina is like no other in sports to me, it seems every time one School accomplishes something, the other has to match it, that’s what makes it great, keeps it thriving. The Tobacco Cup is a great idea and should be an interesting barometer in so far as who has the edge. I’m onboard!


  22. TarHeelAlex says:

    I’m quite a bit sad to lose the Yankee coverage, but since it is August, I’m starting to get amped up for football, as well as the other fall sports (Yeah, women’s soccer!). So as I transition over myself from summer back into school, it will be nice to have something there to help me get back into speed on the Triangle area. Looking forward to this blog, and thank you for coming up with something else for the rivalry. I, too, despise the scoring system, and whatever stupid name ended up winning the naming contest they had for it last year. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll get a chance to actually met you in person sometime if you ever happen to return to campus to finish your degree, or whatever might bring you back to the Hill. Until then, I shall continue to enjoy your unique writing style both on Grantland & here at TBR.

    Go Heels!

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