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This is launch week on Tobacco Road Blues, the new site dedicated to Duke and UNC sports. All week, we’re going to be running two of the ‘greatest hits’ from Seth Curry Saves Duke!, our previous blog, every day. The new content begins on Monday the 15th.

Today’s morning post is actually a compilation of all the “graphic illustrations” produced in the last year. I put that term in quotes because using it without them would probably insult anyone who did actual graphic illustrations. A great professor named Bart Wojdynski taught me how to use Adobe Illustrator at some point in February, probably thinking I would use the knowledge for something educational or morally uplifting. Didn’t happen. Everything that follows is crude, and the bias level is high in a way that will be less typical of TRB. Enjoy.



My first effort, the “Choose Your ACC Team” flowchart, done in early January

Not a photoshop, but worth including. At some point, I came up with the nickname “The Three S-Keteers” for Singler, Scheyer, and Smith. Then a couple Duke students, Swetha and Sabreena, made this poster. My fiancee later framed it for me for my birthday. What a gal!


The “How to Beat Duke” flowchart.


Almost twice as badass as Abe Lincoln!


Kyle Singler 3-point shooting chart.


Nolan Smith 3-point shooting chart.


Gothic Madness, the inter-blog pick’em contest that SCSD! won.


Seth Curry shooting chart.


This one isn’t even trying to be funny, but I’m including because I can’t believe I made something so reasonable-looking:


Beating Gary Williams in the first round of the ACCT.


A reader named Gene actually made this one, and I like the intense violence.


I like to win with class, so I made this after Duke beat UNC in the ACCT final.


Duke takes down Hampton in Round 1: a 2-part series.


Coach K sounds the retreat. I posted this in frustration after the narrow win over Michigan in the second round.


I thought this was my most artistic work.


The day of the Arizona game. It did not go as planned.


The Yankee Season Preview. Not my most inspired work.


My (rejected) attempt to help CBS make a Final Four graphic this season.


This was me gloating that Boston Red Sox were 0-6. That didn’t last long.


This is a sequence of four pictures illustrating the fact that Derek Jeter grounds out a lot.


I made this for a fake press conference in a business reporting class where Apple executives announced that Steve Jobs died in a motorcycle crash.



This was from an Onion-style article I wrote about Derek Jeter’s two home runs in the same game becoming wonders of the world.


I have no idea what this is.

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  1. TarHeelAlex says:

    The ACC flowchart is easily in the top five of my all time favorite flowcharts. Loved it then, and I love it now.

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