The Partisan Slam of the Day

Once in a while, Tobacco Road Blues will be scouring Duke and UNC message boards for the funniest, saddest, or craziest example of partisanship. Hatred is a central tenet of the rivalry, and while we would never officially condone it, must less celebrate it, we’d be remiss to ignore it.

Today’s slam comes from user ‘bymorris’ at The Devil’s Den, and is simply a picture from an old UNC media guide:

Burn Level: 9/10.

(Context here, if you need it.)

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  1. TaiwanLawson says:


  2. William says:


  3. sanfransoxfan says:

    ‘bymorris’ gets props for not commenting and just posting. Shane gets props for having to spend time on “The Devils Den” and “Inside Carolina” message boards to find these jewels. It didn’t take long checking out either site a couple years ago to run kicking and screaming to blogs like this one.

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