Duke and UNC Basketball schedules released – get ’em here!

They’re both out.



Here are five tough non-conference games for Duke, and five notable teams UNC will surely destroy on their way to an undefeated national championship:


1. November 17 vs. Michigan State – Madison Square Garden

Beating MSU early has become something like an annual rite of passage at this point. And then they usually go to the Final Four.

2. November 21-23 – Hawaii Invitational

Tennessee is round one, then it’s Michigan/Memphis, and the final game will be one of UCLA/Chaminade/Georgetown/Kansas.

3. November 29 at Ohio State – ACC/Big Ten Challenge

What a 12-day stretch. Yikes! Coach K obviously wants a trial by fire for the young guys.

4. December 10 vs. Washington at MSG

Solid-ish Pac-10 team that we’ll probably beat by 15-20.

5. January 28 vs. St. John’s, Cameron

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet revenge.


1. November 11 vs. Michigan State, ON A BOAT!

Passengers on the USS Carl Vinson will now have a reason beyond the sea to be sick.

2. November 26 vs. UNLV or USC, Las Vegas

Interesting west coast challenge, possibly in a road game. But it pales in comparison to what comes next…

3. November 30 vs. Wisconsin, Chapel Hill

The ACC/Big Ten challenge game.

4. December 3 at Kentucky

That’s the toughest 2-game stretch any team will play all year until the tournament. If UNC wins both, there’s no other title favorite.

5. December 21 vs. Texas, Chapel Hill

This will be the 5th of nine straight home games for the Heels, and it will follow four easy wins. Potential trap game just before Christmas break.

Man, this is a good way to get pumped up on a Wednesday.

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