Kelly Cobb’s goal against Notre Dame (Video)

It’s the second one. Just as crazy as I remember. I do wish the camera was on the near side, but it’s nice to have it anyway, courtesy of GoDuke:

Other things of note from the weekend and last night:

-Despite being out-shot, Duke scored a 15th-minute goal to beat Furman 1-0 in South Carolina.

-In volleyball, the 18th-ranked Blue Devils started the season 3-0 this past weekend, beating Furman, Charleston Southern, and Wisconsin (all unranked).

-Still in volleyball, the unranked Tar Heels beat Auburn and lost to Florida this past weekend.

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8 Responses to Kelly Cobb’s goal against Notre Dame (Video)

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  1. Jake says:

    Awesome goal. Wish I had been there…why did this triumph have to come in Chapel Hill?

    1. Shane says:

      Jake, I know. The way Duke played well actually make me go to Durham for a few games this year, I think.

  2. William says:

    First one was the most impressive IMO. Near post/upper 90 from very difficult angle while running away from the goal. Very tough shot and she hit it perfect off the inside of the post. Great goal.

    The keeper should have had the 2nd one. Does she only have a 4 inch vertical or something? From the amount she jumped I would swear she can’t touch the crossbar…and if so, what is she doing playing keeper? It looks like she started to come out towards the shot, but stopped around the 6…just far enough to get chipped (with her miniscule leaping ability), but not far enough to actually close down the shot.

    Maybe I’m being too critical of a women’s soccer goalie, but I would just expect more out of a keeper for a team the caliber of Notre Dame.

    1. Shane says:

      The first goal did look way more impressive on video than it looked in the game. Second goal, I think you had to be there in person to see the run she made. It’s sort of evident from the video, but from the first pass on, nobody could touch her.

      LIKE OWEN IN ’98!!!

      1. William says:

        No doubt it was a great run. She dribbled half the length of the field.

        But I still think that should be a savable shot. 20 yards out, middle of the field, not that powerful……goes straight over the keepers head.

        1. Shane says:

          The keeper’s height killed her on both, but I’d argue that the first one is the one you really have to save. She had zero angle, how do you not cover that?

          I win this argument because you can’t directly reply anymore.

  3. Tbone says:

    GO DUKE!

  4. Bobby says:

    There are three great interviews here with Kelly Cobb, Laura Weinberger, and Tara Campbell of Duke.

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