Miles Plumlee Dunked on Kyle Singler

1:36 seconds into the video (below) Miles Plumlee takes a ball from Kyle Singler and dunks over everything. Miles Plumlee is an unstoppable force. Hell, just watch the entire video and savor that brilliant tournament. The 09-10 NCAA Tournament is probably my favorite sporting event of all time. I expected another early Sweet 16 exit but the Devils used brilliant defense combined with the “Big Three” and beat all comers. Once Lance Thomas half-dunked over the entire Baylor team I felt like we had a fantastic chance to make the final four. My nerves were firing during the Butler game and I still couldn’t believe how close Hayward’s last shot was. If his shot had gone in I would’ve quit sports forever. During March Madness highlights we would no longer see Christian Laettner banging his magical jumper, we would see Gordon Hayward knocking down a clutch half-court shot after Kyle Singler was illegally leveled by Matt “The Creeper” Howard. Enough reminiscing, we’ve got work to do.

Miles Plumlee is my current favorite Duke player. I can’t explain it. I’ve had a CAT scan and my brain is in pretty decent shape. I’m not sure what it is about him that gets me all hot and bothered. I’ve seen a few interviews of him and he seems like a pretty cool dude. Well-spoken, modest and intelligent. Maybe I like that fact that he shows raw emotion on the court after doing something spectacular (or ridiculously dumb).  He has slowly progressed from the tall, athletic and buff freshman into a tall, athletic and super buff senior.  Furthermore he was named co-captain along with Ryan Kelly.  Miles and the White Raven should make for an interesting combo.  I hope it will work.

I even like Miles when he shoots mid-range jumpers that hit the back of the rim, the front of the rim or the top of the backboard.  I pump my fist and say “You’ll get em next time Plumlee.  There’s always next time.”  He’s not the most graceful fellow and he lacks a certain finesse, but he tries hard.  He’s always there to contribute a frustration foul after bricking a wide-open layup.  This may seem that I’m just bashing Miles, but I’m really not.  I love the kid.  He plays hard, he hustles and he will mix it up down low if he needs to.  Plus I’ve seen Coach K chew him out hard, numerous times, over the course of his career and Miles takes the yelling and advice and keeps going on court.

I have high hopes for the eldest Plumlee this year.  It’s his time to shine.  Will he score 20 points a game?  Probably not.  Will he get garbage baskets, putback dunks and play smart defense?  Probably.  Hopefully he’ll be able to contribute in other ways.  I would just run alley-oops from Mason to Miles all day long because Mason puts the ball right on target when tossing it to his big bro.  I imagine in their childhood Miles used to drill Mason to toss him alley-oops all day long.  Lets get hyped for this season, watch Duke dunk all over the world down below (with Miles humiliating the entire nation of China).

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  1. daniel says:

    as this column will be struggling for content until the season begins, a humble suggestion:

    anything about this.

  2. devilirium says:

    Agree with your take on Miles….your nickname for Kelly is much better than mine. To me, he’s a young Ray Romano. In fact, I half catch myself calling him Ray.

  3. Marc says:

    Thanks Daniel I’ll definitely talk about awkwardness and the Plumlees. They seem to fit the bill to the “T”.

    Devilrium I wish I could take credit for the White Raven but all credit goes to Shane. Check out his archives on SCSD! He has got some remarkable pictures up there.

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