The Triangle Prophets, Week 8

Every Friday, a group of fearless webmasters and sports fanatics from around the Triangle will gather to predict five college football games against the spread. Every Duke, Carolina, and N.C. State game will be featured, along with a smattering of high profile non-Triangle games. As the season goes along, we’ll keep the standings updated and see who emerges as the one true prophet. Make your predictions in the comment section. Each week, we’ll feature any and all commenters who pick all 5 games correctly.

Current Standings

1. Me – 19.5 points
Nate Friedman, UNC football correspondent19.5 points

2.Tar Heel Fan Blog – 18.5 points
2. John Watson, The Devil’s Den – 18.5 points

5. The Devil Wolf, TRB – 16.5 points
. Jim Young, Editor, – 16.5 points
5. William Earnhardt, Site Designer – 16.5 points

8. James Henderson, Publisher, Pack Pride – 15.5 points

Nate landed a big 4-point week to launch himself into a tie for first, while James continued his close climb out of the basement. He’s now just 1 point from the top half!

This Week’s Games

Wake Forest (-3) at DUKE
CLEMSON (-10.5) vs. Carolina
VIRGINIA (-5) vs. State
Wisconsin (-7.5) at MICHIGAN STATE
LSU (-21) vs. Auburn

The Picks




DUKE over Wake
CLEMSON over Carolina
VIRGINIA over State
Wisky over MSU
LSU over Auburn

Tar Heel Fan Blog

Wake Forest
Sammy…I mean Clemson

John Watson, Devil’s Den

R Wilson
Tigers (the LSU kind)


Wake – What do you think the over/under is for fans at this game? 100?
Clemson – I hate to pick against the Heels, but Clemson just looks a lot better than we do right now.
UVA – State is bad and half their team is injured. UVA is decent and is playing at home. Even with potential letdown after beating Georgia Tech, I still think they take this.
Wisconsin – Russel Wilson is going to put on another show for the Heisman voters, and the annoucners will probably mention that he could be playing for NC State about 30 more times during the game.
LSU – I had a really tough time with this one. I don’t think Auburn is as good as their ranking, but I also think this is somewhat of a trap game for LSU looking ahead to Alabama next week. Ultimately I think LSU has too much firepower for Auburn to contain.

Devil Wolf

Duke (one of these times I’ll be right)
Russel Wilson
Tigers (just kidding) … Auburn will cover

Jim Young, ACC Sports

N.C. State

All road, all the time … I’m going down in flames.

James Henderson, Pack Pride


Commenter Pick of the Week!

Nobody could beat Nate’s 4, so nobody gets THEIR NAME IN PRINT! Let’s see if the readers can defend their reputation this week. Your picks in the comments.

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3 Responses to The Triangle Prophets, Week 8

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  1. Brian says:

    Wake Forest (-3) over DUKE – I wish I could pick Duke here… but 11 straight and Wake beat an FSU team that destroyed my Blue Devils a week ago
    CLEMSON (-10.5) over Carolina
    VIRGINIA (-5) over State
    Wisconsin (-7.5) over MICHIGAN STATE
    Auburn over LSU (-21) – Auburn covers but is obviously losing this one.

  2. devilinside says:

    DUKE- At least there will be a 100 people there watching a clean program.
    CLEMSON- Will win by at least 30.
    WAHOOS- Which will make it even funnier when State beats unc again.
    BADGERS- They got a decent quarterback I hear.
    AUBURN- I feel comfortable in saying that the tigers will win.

  3. Shaker Samman says:

    WAKE – As much as it pains me to say it, Wake is legit this year.
    CLEMSON – 6 undefeated teams enter this week, 6 will leave.
    VIRGINIA – My uncle is a professor there, and Carolina blows.
    WISCONSIN – Blahahahha, is State actually an option? Take it from someone who lives in Michigan: State’s screwed.
    LSU – I hate Auburn.

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