The Triangle Prophets, Week 10

Every Friday, a group of fearless webmasters and sports fanatics from around the Triangle will gather to predict five college football games against the spread. Every Duke, Carolina, and N.C. State game will be featured, along with a smattering of high profile non-Triangle games. As the season goes along, we’ll keep the standings updated and see who emerges as the one true prophet. Make your predictions in the comment section. Each week, we’ll feature any and all commenters who pick all 5 games correctly.

Current Standings

1. John Watson, The Devil’s Den – 26.5 points

2. Nate Friedman, UNC football correspondent24.5 points
Me – 24.5 points

4. Tar Heel Fan Blog – 23.5 points

5. The Devil Wolf, TRB – 20.5 points
5. Jim Young, Editor, – 20.5 points

7. William Earnhardt, Site Designer – 19.5 points
James Henderson, Publisher, Pack Pride – 19.5 points

John Watson is absolutely on fire. With another 4-point week, he’s on top by two. Will is ice cold, with another 1-point week. He also had to experience the ultimate dishonor, which is having Jim Young pass him on the leaderboard.

This Week’s Games

MIAMI (-15.5) vs. Duke
Carolina (-3.5) at N.C. STATE – The ANGER Bowl!
Notre Dame (-14) at WAKE FOREST
OKLAHOMA ST. (-21) vs. Kansas St.
ALABAMA (-4.5) vs. Louisiana State

The Picks

John Watson, Devil’s Den



Wow. What’s sadder: that the spread between the highest scorer and the lowest is one week’s worth of games, or that we keep having to pick games involving Kansas State?

Duke to cover vs. Miami
NC STATE over Carolina
ND over Wake
KSU over OKST (21 point line? Jesus.)
Alabama over LSU. Who the knows.


Notre Dame
Oklahoma St.

Tar Heel Fan Blog

Notre Dame
Oklahoma St.

Devil Wolf

MIAMI (-15.5) vs. Duke …  Devils
Carolina (-3.5) at N.C. STATE – The ANGER Bowl!  …   Wolfpack
Notre Dame (-14) at WAKE FOREST  …    Wake
OKLAHOMA ST. (-21) vs. Kansas St.  ….  OK State
ALABAMA (-4.5) vs. Louisiana State  …   LSU

Jim Young, ACC Sports

Pain … or N.C. State
Notre Dame
K State


Miami – I don’t want any part of picking this game. You don’t know what to expect with either team. dook gets blown out by Florida State, then takes VA Tech down to the wire. Miami loses to Maryland, then beats Ohio State and beats GA Tech and then loses to UVA. The inconsistency bowl here. I’m picking Miami just because I like seeing dook lose by a lot.

UNC – I don’t really have a choice in this one. Can we also wager that if UNC wins, Holden Thorp will apologize and offer that Carolina vacate the win?

Notre Dame – Here’s to hoping that Wake Forest will remember that they are Wake Forest for just one more week.

OK St. – This is a huge spread. This will probably be another big whiff for me, but I just can’t pick K State again after last week.

Alabama – History points towards Alabama winning and covering here, but IMO this is a toss up.

James Henderson, Pack Pride


Commenter Pick of the Week!

Nobody could top Mr. Watson, but I think Brian deserves special mention here for pulling off an 0/5 week. Well done, sir. Sorry for the late post today, everyone, but make your picks in the comments. Have a great weekend.

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4 Responses to The Triangle Prophets, Week 10

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  1. Lawton says:

    MIAMI- I think after keeping the last two games close, Duke will be out of gas in this one.

    Carolina- Neither team is good, but I think it’s about time UNC beat NC State. Personally, I’d rather NC State beat the hell out of UNC, especially after this whole Withers/O’Brien “feud”.

    Notre Dame- I’m not sure why, just don’t have much faith in Wake.

    OKLAHOMA ST- If Kansas State had a more powerful offense, I’d probably take the points. As is I think OK. St scores enough to cover.

    Louisiana State- My wife’s family is from New Orleans and everyone went to LSU, so I’ll go with family. Also, you can never go wrong picking the Wizard of the Bayou.

  2. Devilinside says:

    State..I hope they kick the shit out of those cheating fucks.

  3. William says:

    Wow. I’ve now posted three consecutive 1/5’s, and I’m securely in last place. I’m in a bigger slump than NC State basketball.

    Ok, it’s not even close to that bad, but it’s still pretty bad.

    And what a week for Henderson…State wins to make it 5-0 under TOB and he pulls off a 5/5. What are the odds?

  4. Brian says:

    Crap. Totally missed this for the week. Guess my 0-5 stands… sadly.

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