Duke Women’s Soccer is in the Final Four today

Subject says it all, homeys. I’m headed down to Atlanta to see the Dukies play Wake Forest tonight. In the other semi, undefeated Stanford plays Florida State. If Duke wins tonight, they’ll play live on ESPNU at 1pm Sunday. I believe the semi will be replayed at 11 Sunday as well.

Enjoy the weekend, and be sure to read the interview with John Feinstein just below this one.

OH! Also- big congratulations to John Watson of the Devil’s Den, who is the official winner of The Triangle Prophets. Final standings:

1. John Watson, The Devil’s Den – 34.5 points

2. The Devil Wolf, TRB – 32.5 points
2. Nate Friedman, UNC football correspondent32.5 points

4. James Henderson, Publisher, Pack Pride – 30.5 points

5. Me – 28.5 points

6. Jim Young, Editor, ACCSports.com – 27.5 points

Tar Heel Fan Blog – 26.5 points

8. William Earnhardt, Site Designer – 21.5 points

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  1. Greg Nelson says:

    I love when Duke was doing so well in all their sports.

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