Selfish Young Americans, Episode 2

Hey Sports friends,

I know you didn’t sign up for this, but I think you might enjoy it anyway. The second episode of our little comedy podcast, Selfish Young Americans, is now here for your listening pleasure. Today, I’m joined by my friend Jim to chat about ‘revenge shitting,’ giant prehistoric mushrooms, old-time baseball, sex change, the white underclass, evicting old people, and of course our mutual idol Rick Santorum.

Other items:

1. You can subscribe to Selfish Young Americans by looking it up at the iTunes store. That will automatically download new episodes to your comp. If you like it and want to take a moment to write a positive review, that would be appreciated.

2. The basketball podcast has a name: The Walk-Ons! Ben and I will be taping a new episode tomorrow, on Tuesday, to talk about the weekend action and preview Duke-FSU. You can’t find that podcast on iTunes yet, but you will be able to shortly. We’ll keep you updated.



Thanks for listening, pals. Happy President’s Day, and don’t forget to take time to recognize obscure presidents like Franklin Pierce, Zachary Taylor, and Alexander Graham Bell.

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