The Walk-Ons! ACC Tournament Podcast

In today’s episode, Ben and I wrap up Duke-UNC II, preview the ACC tournament, speculate about Kendall Marshall’s dad, and discuss the creepiness of the recruiting cults. Also, a classic lightning round, and I give out my cell phone number at the very end. Time stamps below.

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0:00 – UNC / Duke Round 2 recap
13:30 – ACC Tournament preview
22:00 – “Recruiting guy” rant
30:00 – Twitter Q&A #1
38:00 – All-ACC voting: Selections, methodology (metrics, bias & eye test), and Kendall Marshall’s dad
53:00 – Twitter Q&A #2

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  1. William says:

    I love how the two dook homers just turn the Austin Rivers travel video into a chance to criticize Hansbrough instead of actually talking about it.

    It was 12 blatantly obvious examples in one game! You could make that video about every single game he plays. At least say something about how everyone travels on the perimeter in today’s game (they do) and use it as a chance to discuss how officiating has gone down the toilet.

    Come on…

    Oh, and for those who haven’t seen it, enjoy:

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