The Walk-Ons! Round 2 and 3 Wrap-Up

Today, Ben and I talk about the weekend in NCAA hoops- from Duke’s loss to Marshall’s injury to State’s win. We also touch base with our pals at Bleacher Report, get into some media gossip, and explore the classy world of Duke and UNC basketball twitter. I do three impressions in this episode, and Ben tells a truly awful story about a sports journalist, a ladle, and salad dressing.

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Thanks as always for listening. Time stamps:

0:00 – Ben’s trip to Greensboro for the NCAA Tournament

2:00 – Behind the scenes with the Blue Devils

13:30 – Shane reads Bleacher Report – Will Austin Rivers come back next year?

20:00 – Watch the Wrist – Did Creighton cross the line? Because fans on Twitter sure did.

37:00 – Listener text messages (Next year’s Duke roster, Roy Williams blowing kisses at Ben, strength of schedule and NC State’s first good win of the season, and what to do now that basketball season is over)

51:00 – Gossip from Greensboro

59:00 – Twitter Q&A (Inappropriate karaoke, Arcade Fire as a muse for a basketball article, Lehigh beat Duke t-shirts, poor attendance in Greensboro, nuclear fallout from a potential UNC/NC State matchup, anti-Kendall Marshall tweets)

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  1. TaiwanLawson says:

    The reason UNC fans call the first wrist slap on Henson dirty is because the perpetrator immediately looked to his bench and winked with a shit-eating smirk. See:

    Pretty good evidence of more motive than merely going for the ball.

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