The Walk-Ons! The Optimism and Panic Episode

We’re back from our brief one week hiatus. In this episode, I panic about the state of Duke basketball, and Ben plays it cool. We go back and forth for a good chunk of time, two ends of the same extreme, never finding middle ground. Our most polarizing show yet. Also trivia, twitter questions, and looking back at Richard Jewell.

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Thanks for listening. Time stamps:

0:30 – Duke panic – what’s the deal with recruiting? Why is Ben wearing rose-colored glasses? Why am I on the ledge?

29:45 – Twitter questions

37:55 – What happens in Los Angeles stays in the Walk-Ons

42:55 – Hologram Tupac

44:00 – What if aliens came down?

44:40 – Quizzing Ben – it comes down to the last question

55:30 – Concluding thoughts, future plans, smoothing things over

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2 Responses to The Walk-Ons! The Optimism and Panic Episode

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  1. John says:

    I posted the following on a message board earlier in the day – thought it jived nicely with the”panic” portion of your podcast – alliteration notwithstanding.

    “Duke fan here chiming in. I think most people are missing the point when they comment that Gbinije didn’t play very much last year, therefore his transfer is not going to affect the program much next year. Let me caveat my comments up front with this – I’m from Virginia, and saw this kid play in High School. He’s a stud. A few weeks ago, when Austin Rivers said “people don’t realize how good Mike Gbinije is” he was absolutely right. The kid has a very, VERY, good jump shot, INSANE athletic ability, and a very good feel for the game.

    All that said, none of the above bothers me that much – the same can be said about a half-dozen Duke transfers from the past 2 decades. What really bothers me is the fact that Coach K routinely lamented the fact that his team was without height on the perimeter – which affected his team’s ability to defend, rebound, and stretch the floor for the bigs. All with THIS 6’7” KID on the bench! I’m not exaggerating when I say that this kid can shoot as well as Curry, drive much better than Dawkins, and has a post game to boot. I honestly think that he was Duke’s missing piece last year – he was sitting 5 feet from Coach K, and now he’s gone. It’s a shame.”

  2. Will says:

    Great podcast guys! Really enjoyed it. Just wanted to talk Shane back from the ledge by telling him to remember 2011! Just as much as you could argue that 2010 was a fluke national championship, you could argue that 2011 was a fluke non-national championship. If Irving (NBA ROY) does not get injured, there was a distinct possibility that Duke wins back to back championships. So, I think it’s a little overboard to say Duke is in some dry spell, not putting great teams on the floor. A healthy Irving is one of the best players in college bball that year. Coach K recruited him and got him, so I wouldn’t go so far to say we can’t recruit.

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