The Walk-Ons: Special Guest Mark Ennis!

In today’s episode, Ben and I talk conference re-alignment (and FSU’s potential move to the Big 12) with Mark Ennis, co-host of ESPN Louisville’s “Two Man Game” and manager of SB Nation’s “Big East Coast Bias” website. After that, I ask Ben five personal questions to help us get to know him better, we go over the match-ups in the upcoming Big 10/ACC Challenge, Ben sounds off on FSU, we hit a couple twitter questions, and mention the Triangle Media Ryder Cup at Knight’s Play for the first time in a public setting. Spoiler: Ben has a pistol he named “lady.” He holds it whenever he drives.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 – Introduction, a little shaky, getting back on our feet
3:45 – Interview with Mark Ennis
33:55 – Congratulating ourselves on another fantastic interview
34:15 – Ben breaks down FSU once and for all
37:40 – Incredibly compelling story about my aunt and property theft
38:40 – Getting to know Ben with five VERY personal questions
45:30 – Twitter questions
50:05 – Breaking down next year’s Big 10-ACC Challenge (we vow to go see Nebraska-Wake)
55:20 – The Triangle Media Ryder Cup!
101:15 – Conclusion, plus an incendiary tale that Jim Young doesn’t want you to know

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