Triangle Media Ryder Cup: Both Rosters are SET, charity CHOSEN

Some big news in the Triangle Media Ryder Cup.

The Charity

First and foremost, the charity has been set: Communities in Schools of Durham.

We’re quite excited about this one. I even looked at their IRS form 990 to make sure the financials looked good. They do. Here’s some text from their mission statement:

Each local affiliate, including Communities In Schools of Durham, works to fulfill the same important mission: to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Established in 1992, Communities In Schools (CIS) of Durham, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been a leader in championing the use of “evidence-based” programs to reduce the dropout rate and help kids succeed in life. Evidence-based programs rely on quantifiable data (including academic research, data collection and analysis, and model fidelity) that attests to their effectiveness. In essence, CIS of Durham wants to make sure that our programs truly work – by implementing programs that are backed by respected research studies, CIS of Durham is able to determine the best ways to reduce the dropout rate in Durham.

The Teams

Both rosters are set, and we’re rarin’ to go!

Team Internet

1. Shane Ryan (C) – Grantland, Tobacco Road Blues
2. Ben Swain – Oxford Public-Ledger Online,
3. Austin Johnson – Pack Pride
4. Will Brinson – CBS Sports ‘Eye on NFL’ blogger
5. Lauren Brownlow –
6. James Curle – Riddick and Reynolds
7. Brian Barbour – Tar Heel Blog
8. Matt Purdy – Captain’s Pick

Spiritual advisor, medic, fashion consultant – Derek Medlin

Alternates: Josh Goodson, Adam Rowe

Team Traditional

1. Mark Armstrong (C) – WTVD
2. Penn Holderness – NBC17
3. Mike Maniscalco – ESPN Radio 99.9, 620 the Buzz
4. Jack Daly – Raleigh News & Observer
5. Andrew Carter – Raleigh News & Observer
6. Shae Crisson – WTVD
7. Hayes Permar – David Glenn Show (Radio)
8. Larry Stogner – Captain’s Pick, ABC11

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