The Walk-Ons: Failed Interview with Jim Young

An exciting week in Walk-Ons studios, as ongoing tech issues foil another interview. This time the internet went down at the wrong moment, forcing us to delay a chat with Jim Young of Finally we went lo-fi indie and just put him on speaker phone, but he was not pleased with our amateurism and we had to edit it out. What remains is a musical intro to the interview that I’m very proud of, and also our reactions after we hang up. Ben and I do get into chatting, though, and it turned to be a fun episode. Some of the topics we hit:

1:00 – Is there a difference between anarchy and libertarianism?
5:30 – French stereotypes
5:45 – Bachelor weekend! Woooo!
8:28 –  Wild Ben’s weekend
9:00 – Pirlo’s penalty kick: awesome or dick move? Also, eephus pitches? Yay? Nay? Hay?
15:45 – LeBron James!
21:00 – Moralizing in college sports
22:00 – This is our State! And UNC’s reaction, plus how it’s like an Edgar Allen Poe story
28:30 – Jim Young not pleased via text with our internet situation
30:15 – Movie/TV round-up. We talk Sorkin, Kevin Smith, Wes Anderson, N.C. Pro-Am
38:00 – Hey, why not call Jim, put it on speaker, and hold it up to the mic?
39:05 – It didn’t go well with Jim Young, + our reaction
41:00 – Talkin’ bout sports media, do players actually “want” things more than other players?
54:30 – Conclusion – what have we done?

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