The Walk-Ons: Talking Purvis, Thorp, Calhoun, and More

It’s the second episode of the Matt Jones era, and it’s been an active week in the college basketball world. Jim Calhoun retired, Holden Thorp will resign, Billy Gillispie is back from the Mayo Clinic, and Rodney Purvis was finally cleared to play at N.C. State. We hit all these topics, list our most overrated and underrated coaches, and get three irate voicemails from an insane Pac-12 fan who thinks we’re ignoring his favorite conference.

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And now, check out our first voicemail from a crazy Kentucky fan! This call came in at 2:30am Monday night. Push play to listen.

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2 Responses to The Walk-Ons: Talking Purvis, Thorp, Calhoun, and More

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  1. Steven says:

    Wow. Yah, sorry about that crazy UK fan. We’re not all like that. Just embarrassing how some people act. Great work guys. Always enjoy your work.

  2. Steven says:

    OK listened to the fan comment before the podcast… my bad…clearly think the UK fan is imitating the Pac 10 guy… yah, I said it…Pac 10.

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