Friends of Tiger, Episode 5: Luke Kerr-Dineen of USA Today

Transatlantic heart-throb Luke Kerr-Dineen is on the program today, and it doesn’t take long before we get into the reallll good stuff. Luke wrote an article about Jordan Spieth’s high marketability, but we both puzzle over the fact that he’s kinda…dull. We go from there to a discussion about the differences between American and European golf fans, and as someone who has spent years on both sides of that big ol’ pond, Luke has a terrific perspective. Next, it’s on to Poulter, and whether he has a good point about not playing at the BMW PGA Championship, or if he’s just being his usual self. We field Twitter questions, share some predictions about the Zurich Classic, and generally just let it fly. NOTE: There are some audio issues on Luke’s end for the first 8 minutes. Hang with it, they get better after that!

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