Friends of Tiger, Episode 13: Luke Kerr-Dineen of USA Today!

We’re back off our short hiatus, and welcoming Luke Kerr-Dineen into the Tiger’s Den. There’s plenty to discuss, including Steven Bowditch’s win at the Byron Nelson and his story of recovering from severe depression. We go from there to talking about the pressures of being a pro golfer, and the outlets they choose, from the good to the bad. Have we done a bad job of turning players into single-issue people, from Bowditch to Compton to Rory to Rickie? Next, we touch on Luke’s recent article about adderall use on Tour, and spend a moment or two on college golf. It’s a conversation for the ages, and you can only hear it here, folks!

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  1. Rob says:

    Really enjoyed this episode of the podcast. Terrific honest conversation about the realities of depression. As someone very familiar with the condition, I agree there has been misperception in the past. Hopefully for those not informed your conversation will be enlightening. Looking forward to the book!

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