Tiger Woods Played a Good Tournament This Time

WEST VIRGINIA—Tiger Woods played a good tournament this time.

Before that, Tiger Woods had played a bunch of bad tournaments.

Before that, Tiger Woods played a whole lot of really good tournaments.

At one point, he had a lot of sex and crashed his car.

Tiger Woods is known around the world as a golfer.

We are not sure if the fact that he played a good tournament this time means he will have more good tournaments after this.

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  1. Patrick Pine says:

    This seems to ssupport those who advocate that Tiger just needs to enter a lot of tournaments and he will play well more often instead of infrequent tournament play and lots of practice at home.

    It feels like Tiger has accepted that this is a slow process. He needed to do that.

    Finally, my eyes may be fooling me but Tiger looks like he has lost some weight?

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