Friends of Tiger, Episode 2.02: Alex Myers of Golf Digest

Alex Myers is making his first appearance of 2016! He’s married, he’s got a house, and he’s ready to dispense some SERIOUS ADULT WISDOM. After an important back-and-forth on Cam Newton, we talk Rickie’s decision on 17 at Phoenix, Matsuyama’s wins (and slow play), the rise of Danny Willett, and the Jordan Spieth bobblehead that looks nothing like Jordan Spieth. After that, Alex solves some cat problems, and I’m not talking about the Big Cat. It’s a rip-roaring affair, and not to be missed by man, woman, or child.

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  1. Layne Yawn says:

    On page 142 of your book, you have an error. You state that Greg Norman’s collapse to Nick Faldo happened in 1986. It actually happened in 1996. Jack Nicklaus won in 1986.

  2. I’ve been through this!

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