Friends of Tiger: Ryder Cup Hype Train, Episode 1, With Alex Myers

It’s the first of a series of Ryder Cup podcasts leading up to the big event, which we’re officially calling The Ryder Cup Hype Train 2K16 USA Express. Joining me this week to talk about my favorite sporting event in the worlds is Alex Myers of Golf Digest. We cover just about everything, from the systemic changes made by the Americans this year after the Gleneagles debacle, to the imminent European captain’s picks, to the less-imminent but still pretty imminent U.S. captain’s picks. We’re talking Furyk, Reed, Love, Clarke, sample sizes, the legacy of past captains, and more. And that doesn’t begin to tell the story, because Alex and I set a FoT record by going for 88 minutes strong. Turns out, we both love this event and have lots of opinions. Don’t mi


Alex Myers’ Golf Digest podcast with Davis Love III, and Jim Furyk.

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