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Top 10 Reasons the US Women’s Gymnastics Team is not the Fab Five

It was inevitable. The last Olympic gold medal winning American women’s gymnastics team had their own nickname – The Magnificent Seven, from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

As the media struggled to give the 2012 team a moniker, Sports Illustrated made the team of five their cover girls, leading many to dub them the Fab Five.

College basketball fans are well aware that there is another Fab Five, the highly touted freshman of the University of Michigan that took the basketball world by storm in the early 90’s.

The odd thing is that, outside of the number of stars on the team, the US women’s gymnastics team has almost nothing in common with the Wolverines’ heralded team of freshman starters. Here are the top ten reasons the US Women’s Gymnastics Team is not the Fab Five. Continue reading

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