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The Triangle Prophets, Week One

Every Friday, a group of fearless webmasters and sports fanatics from around the Triangle will gather to predict five college football games against the spread. Every Duke, Carolina, and N.C. State game will be featured, along with a smattering of high profile non-Triangle games. As the season goes along, we’ll keep the standings updated and see who emerges as the one true prophet. Make your predictions in the comment section. Every week, we’ll feature any and all commenters who pick all 5 games correctly.

The Prophets

1. Jim Young, Editor, ACCSports.com

2. John Watson, The Devil’s Den

3. James Henderson, Publisher, Pack Pride

4. Tar Heel Fan Blog

5. Me*

6. The Devil Wolf, Duke football correspondent, TRB

7. Nate Friedman, UNC football correspondent, TRB

8. William Earnhardt, Site Designer, UNC football junkie, TRB

*Believe me, that joke was not worth the google image search. I should know better.

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