The Walk-Ons! The Optimism and Panic Episode

We’re back from our brief one week hiatus. In this episode, I panic about the state of Duke basketball, and Ben plays it cool. We go back and forth for a good chunk of time, two ends of the same extreme, never finding middle ground. Our most polarizing show yet. Also trivia, twitter questions, and looking back at Richard Jewell.

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Thanks for listening. Time stamps:

0:30 – Duke panic – what’s the deal with recruiting? Why is Ben wearing rose-colored glasses? Why am I on the ledge?

29:45 – Twitter questions

37:55 – What happens in Los Angeles stays in the Walk-Ons

42:55 – Hologram Tupac

44:00 – What if aliens came down?

44:40 – Quizzing Ben – it comes down to the last question

55:30 – Concluding thoughts, future plans, smoothing things over

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