Triangle Media Ryder Cup: Better Ball Pairings Released!

The pairings for the first set of matches- the better ball format- have been released! Incidentally, so have the Vegas odds (expressed by holes). They are below.

1. Jamie O’Grady and Ket Taylor, Internet (-1), vs. James Alverson and Andrew Carter, Traditional

2. Shane Ryan and Andrew Westney, Internet (+1.5), vs. Mark Thomas and Chantal McCabe, Traditional

3. Ben Swain and Matt Purdy, Internet (-4.5), vs. Hayes Permar and Luke DeCock, Traditional

4. Lauren Brownlow and Randy Brownlow, Internet (+2) vs. Mark Armstrong and Jack Daly, Traditional

5. Jon Pence and Brian Barbour, Internet (+1.5) vs. Stephen Schramm and Mike Maniscalco, Traditional


*Mark Armstrong and Jack Daly both went 3-0 in last year’s Ryder Cup, and paired to win a better ball match.

*Team Internet stars Shane Ryan, Ben Swain, Matt Purdy, and Lauren Brownlow are undefeated in Better Ball in their Ryder Cup careers.

*Mike Maniscalco, Team Traditional captain, has never won a pairs match in his Ryder Cup career.

*Hayes Permar of Team Traditional is 0-2 in pairs matches in his Ryder Cup career.

*Andrew Carter of Team Traditional has never won a Better Ball match.

*We are playing for this:

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