Yoga with Psycho T: A Girlfriend’s Report

An hour ago, I got this text from my girlfriend:

"Omg Tyler Hansboro is in my yoga class."

As many readers know, I have a special affinity for the big fella who never lost in Cameron. Normally, I would've been at this class with her, but a knee injury suffered last night while playing ping pong has me sidelined. DAMN YOU, CURS'ED LIFE!

I told her to remember EVERYTHING, but I think the text arrived late. Still, she came away with some good details. Here now is her full report of the episode I'm calling

A Heartfelt Tribute to Pyscho-Chi

(Props to @chrisalyss for the wordlplay.)


So I'm waiting in the lobby a few minutes before class starts, and a really tall guy with a dark-haired friend came in. He walked to the desk, and the woman there asked if he'd ever been to the studio before.

"Yeah, I've been a couple times," he said.

"What's your first name?" she asked.


"Last name?"


She began to type his name into the computer, and a confused look came over her face.

"Hamsborough?" she asked. "Like H-a-m-s?"

He corrected her, and went into the yoga studio. He was in the back row, but there wasn't much room because the class was crowded. The teacher showed him a good spot to set up so he'd have some space. He started to lay out his mat, but she brought a new one over.

"Use this," she said. "It's much longer."

So Psycho T, with his extra-long mat, began the class. I was in the front of the class, so I only got to see him when the teacher had us change direction a few times during class. Here's what I picked up:

1 – He can touch his toes. For such a tall guy, that was impressive to me.

2 – Although he didn't seem like the most flexible guy in the world, I give him credit for trying every pose.

After class, I thought about trying to get a picture of him, but he and his friend took off pretty fast. The only other thing to report is that he was polite and didn't have any diva-ish special requests or anything like that. Strangely enough, we did a pose called "Goddess with cactus arms" that looked almost exactly like this:

All in all, I give him 8 out of 10 Yoga stars.


Thanks, girlfriend! If there's one thing we've learned from this story, it's that we should all start calling him "Hamsborough." Or just "ole hamsy."

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7 Responses to Yoga with Psycho T: A Girlfriend’s Report

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  1. Alan says:

    He got seated ahead of me at Shiki Sushi one time. I’ll never get over it. Jerkface.

    1. sanfransoxfan says:

      Where’s the damn “Like” button, Alan?

    2. Shane says:

      Alan, they probably thought he was a new shipment of white tuna.

      1. sanfransoxfan says:

        Where’s the damn “Like” button, Shane?

        1. Shane says:

          I’ll talk to the powers-that-be.

  2. christine says:

    I never liked the guy as a player, but sat next to him and his g-f a few years ago at a restaurant in ChapHill. I was impressed when he held his lady’s handbag for her while she chatted with friends. (She even complimented my shoes. Hard to hate on that!)

  3. Dr. K says:

    one time Rasheed Wallace got his bucket of chicken nuggets before me. And I ordered mine first! Oh, this terribly unfair world!!!

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