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Interview with Steve Kirschner, Head of UNC Basketball PR

On Saturday at last year’s ACC tournament, my ride got a last-minute dinner invite, and I found myself up the creek. There was no bus from Greensboro back to Chapel Hill, and everyone I knew had already left. After the press conferences, out of sheer desperation, I approached Steve Kirschner. He’s the associate athletic director of communications at UNC, and he’s the chief PR rep for the men’s basketball team. He didn’t know me from Adam, but when I asked him if he knew where I could get a ride back to Chapel Hill, he offered without hesitation. We had a nice ride, and a nice chat, and he even refused to let me pay for a Cook-Out milkshake he bought on the way.

I emailed to thank him the next day, and he told me that he hadn’t known I was a Duke blogger, and that if I ever wanted to come in for an on-the-record interview, I could. I took him up on it last August, and now that basketball season is in full swing, I felt this would be a good time to run it. It was a fascinating hour-long chat, and we covered everything from the relationship between media and athletes to the the similarities between Psycho T and Harrison Barnes to the odyssey of keeping the major players around this year to Roy Williams’ method of dealing with the media to the changing nature of fan behavior. It’s long, but interesting enough, at least to me, to run in its entirety. I’ve split it into four loose segments if you want to skip around- the media, the players, the fans, and Psycho T. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Carolina’s Greatest Players of the ACC Era: The Top 10

Well, we’ve finally made it to the cream of the crop. It’s been a long process (see: 91-100 (+ methodology), 81-90, 71-80, 61-70, 51-60, 41-50, 31-40, 21-30, and 11-20), but we’ve now reached the top of the mountain: the ten greatest players in Carolina basketball history!

First, a quick review of 100 through 11: (Click on a name to jump to that player’s details)

100 – 91 90 – 81 80 – 71
100. Marcus Ginyard
99. Bob Cunningham
98. Dick Kepley
97. Henrik Rodl
96. Jimmy Braddock
95. Jackie Manuel
94. Ranzino Smith
93. Dave Popson
92. Brad Hoffman
91. Ray Respess
90. Kevin Salvadori
89. Ed Stahl
88. Steve Previs
87. Charlie Shaffer
86. Harvey Salz
85. Al Lifson
84. Kris Lang
83. Reyshawn Terry
82. Warren Martin
81. David Noel
80. Jim Hudock
79. Dudley Bradley
78. Marvin Williams
77. Serge Zwikker
76. John Kuester
75. Jerry Vayda
74. Dante Calabria
73. Joe Quigg
72. Deon Thompson
71. Brian Reese
70 – 61 60 – 51 50 – 41
70. Lee Dedmon
69. Brandan Wright
68. Ed Davis
67. King Rice
66. Kevin Madden
65. Steve Bucknall
64. Jason Capel
63. Ademola Okulaja
62. Jawad Williams
61. Matt Doherty
60. Pete Chilcutt
59. Scott Williams
58. Jimmy Black
57. Darrell Elston
56. Steve Hale
55. Jeff McInnis
54. Dick Grubar
53. Joe Wolf
52. Danny Green
51. Tommy LaGarde
50. Bill Bunting
49. Bill Chamberlain
48. Larry Brown
47. Jeff Lebo
46. Donald Williams
45. Brendan Haywood
44. Rusty Clark
43. Shammond Williams
42. Wayne Ellington
41. Ed Cota
40 – 31 30 – 21 20 – 11
40. Derrick Phelps
39. George Karl
38. Hubert Davis
37. Tommy Kearns
36. Bob McAdoo
35. J.R. Reid
34. Rashad McCants
33. Rick Fox
32. Vince Carter
31. Doug Moe
30. Lee Shaffer
29. Raymond Felton
28. Joe Forte
27. Rasheed Wallace
26. Eric Montross
25. Jerry Stackhouse
24. York Larese
23. Dennis Wuycik
22. George Lynch
21. Mike O’Koren
20. Walter Davis
19. Kenny Smith
18. Mitch Kupchak
17. Bobby Jones
16. Sean May
15. Pete Brennan
14. Brad Daugherty
13. Al Wood
12. Bob Lewis
11. Ty Lawson

I won’t leave you in suspense a second longer.
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Coach K or Roy Williams

Coach Williams and Coach K

Two of the best coaches in the NCAA

You’re seventeen years old.  You’re the best basketball player in the nation and you can go to any school you want.  Both Duke and North Carolina have come calling and Coach K and Roy Williams are throwing their best recruiting techniques at you.  You decide to go through a list of pros and cons comparing the two coaches to make your decision.

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Yoga with Psycho T: A Girlfriend’s Report

An hour ago, I got this text from my girlfriend:

"Omg Tyler Hansboro is in my yoga class."

As many readers know, I have a special affinity for the big fella who never lost in Cameron. Normally, I would've been at this class with her, but a knee injury suffered last night while playing ping pong has me sidelined. DAMN YOU, CURS'ED LIFE!

I told her to remember EVERYTHING, but I think the text arrived late. Still, she came away with some good details. Here now is her full report of the episode I'm calling

A Heartfelt Tribute to Pyscho-Chi

(Props to @chrisalyss for the wordlplay.)


So I'm waiting in the lobby a few minutes before class starts, and a really tall guy with a dark-haired friend came in. He walked to the desk, and the woman there asked if he'd ever been to the studio before.

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A Heartfelt Tribute to Psycho T

New readers –

This is launch week on Tobacco Road Blues, the new site dedicated to Duke and UNC sports. All week, we're going to be running two of the 'greatest hits' from Seth Curry Saves Duke!, our previous blog, every day. The new content begins on Monday the 15th.

Today's morning post was written on April 6th, 2009, the night of the UNC-Michigan State national title game. It was the sixth post ever written on the blog, and the first one to attract any attention. Oddly enough for a Duke basketball blog, it got the most positive feedback from UNC fans and some negative comments from Duke fans. I include it to prove right off the bat that I'm capable of shedding my bias for minutes at a time. Enjoy.


A Heartfelt Tribute to Psycho T

Friends of the blog, I don't have to tell you that I'm a Duke basketball fan. I'm tied to the school and the program for life. The relationship can be contentious at times, hopeless at others, and downright bitter at its worst. Sometimes I have fantasies about packing my things, changing my name, and taking the first plane west to become a fan of a school like San Diego State. But at the end of the day, my loyalties will always lie with the Devils. It's sort of like an arranged marriage you can never leave.

That being said, there are limits. Continue reading

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