Rivalry Question of the Week: Dookies versus Tar Holes

This week’s question is inspired by an email from Dan, who writes:

It’d be great if you write about the nicknames some time. I’m particularly interested in “dook.” I don’t know anyone from Duke who finds it insulting, or even annoying, but many UNC fans seem to treat it as a real “gotcha” stinger.

And also by a g-chat with William:

William: you should do a follow up to the dook fighting post about the heels fighting styles.
William: haha, sorry, i always spell it dook out of habit.

So, here are the questions of the week:

1 – Where does ‘dook’ come from? I realize a dook is a piece of fecal matter, but I want to know the origin story, and how it caught on so well. How old is it?

2 – When you say ‘dook,’ is it just a habit, like with William, or is it an active insult every time? Is it meant more as a zinger, or is it a way of life?

3 – For people who say ‘Tar Holes’- is this a response to ‘dook,’ or an independent insult?

I would like to hear from both Puke and CaroVagina fans on this one.

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