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Victory or Defeat? – The Rivalry Question of the Week

In my younger days I was much more emotional about Duke basketball victories and defeats. As I’ve grown and matured I realized that whether Duke wins or loses doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.  Regardless of how many times Duke University basketball players put the orange ball through the orange hoop the world continues on just as usual.  I watch sports for the entertainment they offer.

I enjoy watching athletes running fast, jumping high and using skills I could never dream of to put the orange ball through the orange hoop.  I am impressed by these sorts of people.  Furthermore I cannot say that I can distance myself 100% emotionally from games.  There are times when I’m caught up in a fervor and I find myself sweating through a nail biting victory or defeat.  As Duke crumbled against Arizona this year melancholic feelings flooded my entire being.  When Brian Zoubek intentionally missed the free throw against Butler and Gordon Hayward barely missed the buzzer beater I went through an emotional roller coaster.  These memories remind me of my youth when I was extremely affected by Duke’s victories and defeats.

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The Rivalry Question of the Week

We’re going real simple this morning. This the is the shock grenade of rivalry questions.

What are the stereotypes of Duke or UNC students? Fans?

Obviously I know many of them, but I have a feeling I’ll be surprised by a few. These can be things you believe, don’t believe, or half believe. Let’s get them all on the record.

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Rivalry Question of the Week: Dookies versus Tar Holes

This week’s question is inspired by an email from Dan, who writes:

It’d be great if you write about the nicknames some time. I’m particularly interested in “dook.” I don’t know anyone from Duke who finds it insulting, or even annoying, but many UNC fans seem to treat it as a real “gotcha” stinger.

And also by a g-chat with William:

William: you should do a follow up to the dook fighting post about the heels fighting styles.
William: haha, sorry, i always spell it dook out of habit.

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The Rivalry Question of the Week

We’re rolling out new features like crazy today. This week’s question is inspired by a comment in yesterday’s Erwin Cup rules post about the possibility of Duke and UNC meeting in the NCAA basketball tournament. I assigned the winner of this hypothetical game 30 points, the most of any potential match-up, because I think life might literally come to a halt on Tobacco Road if it ever happened. So, the question:

Would you want Duke and UNC to meet in the NCAA basketball tournament?

It’s never happened before, which is kind of insane. It’s almost like the sporting gods get together to plan it, start considering the fallout, and decide they don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole.

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