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Later today, we’ll get to the UNC media guide top 15 and introduce a new prediction feature. For now, it’s the COMMENTS OF THE WEEK, a neglected feature that should have run earlier.

Every week, more or less, we’ll be choosing one comment from the previous week that made our hearts swell with joy, pride, or love. Then we’ll be choosing another that made the rest of our organs swell with shame, hilarity, or disgust. All comments are printed as written.


Both comments this week come from the Rivalry post, which asked whether Duke and UNC fans would like to see the teams meet in the NCAA tournament. The overwhelming majority of responses, on the post and on twitter, were ‘hell no.’ Nobody wanted the stress, and nobody wanted to accept the awful possibility of losing. Then Andrew put on his badass goggles and took us all to task:

One of the main reasons people enjoy rivalry games is because of the intensity and added importance. If the importance and intensity were greatly increased, it would just become that much more awesome.

Anyone who says they wouldn’t be able to watch it is lying– you wouldn’t be able to NOT watch this. It would become a national event and would effect the dynamic of the rivalry forever. Stressful– you bet your ass. But if you’re a fan of the rivalry, you’ve got to want the games to be as epic as possible and try your best to stomach the awful potential downside.


Daniel was the only one to half agree with Andrew, but for different reasons that mostly relate to extreme confidence. He makes the cut for how he closed the whole thing out, undercutting his argument in the most hilarious way possible:

this past year’s acc final was the first time me and my classmates had witnessed a third duke-unc game in one season. during the days before the game, when duke and nc were mowing down the suckas in the early rounds, the question was asked whether we would like to see a rematch in the title game. my friends, clearly disturbed by the beat down duke received in chapel hill, were afraid of a rematch for many of the reasons you mentioned. still, in an uncharacteristic example of what constitutes bravery in this context, i decided that i would instead root FOR unc to reach the final. when the matchup was set, my friends were all like ‘thanks, asshole. i hope you’re happy,’ and i could see the terror in their eyes. i had a simple answer: ‘of course i’m happy – nolan smith is gonna slap those bitches up.’ we all know what happened.

granted that a ncaa tournament game would be bigger by several orders of magnitude (especially since we’re talking about a final four game as mentioned above), i like to think that i would have enough confidence in duke to assassinate unc with extreme prejudice and enjoy every minute of it.

then again, if duke lost, i would probably kill myself.

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  1. Whitey says:

    Well stated & with glorious timing.

  2. Andrew says:

    chyea chyea winner

  3. Andrew says:

    hey shane– what prizes do i get to choose from?

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