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Due to distribution problems at Maple Street Press, the fifth edition of Tar Heel Tip-off will not be available in a print version this season. I have chosen to make my Tip-off content available to read/download (for free!) at issuu.com, though. This includes a 2011-12 season preview article, as well as four-page player profiles for each of the eight returning rotation players.

If you can’t see it above, check it out at issuu.com.

For copyright reasons, I’ve had to white-out all of the photos in these pieces. You can use the free space for notes, play diagrams (a new-age cocktail napkin), or candidate questions for Roy Williams’s call-in show (Hey, Roy, have you ever thought about…?).

Sherrell McMillan’s profile on Reggie Bullock is also available online:

If you can’t see it above, check it out at issuu.com

Hope you enjoy the articles and, if not, hey, at least they were free!

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I'm the editor of Maple Street Press's Tar Heel Tip-off, and live in Raleigh with my wife and 2-year-old daughter. I grew up along the banks of the Allegheny River, and terrorized the WPIAL as a pass-first point guard. Follow me on Twitter @FreeportKid.
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  1. William says:

    Adrian, as always this is really fantastic stuff. Sorry the print edition didn’t work out this year, but I’m glad to see that you’ve made it available anyway.

    Great work!

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