Quick Post – Duke Women’s Soccer and the ACC Title

Just a quick one to note that the Duke women (7-1-1) are going for their first ACC title since 1994 and only their second overall tonight in Raleigh against N.C. State (1-6-2 in conference). These are nearly uncharted waters for Duke, who were led by Laura Weinberg’s two goals to a crucial 2-0 win over Wake Forest last week. For her play, Weinberg was named the ACC Player of the Week. They followed that with a 3-1 win on Senior Day against Maryland. Freshman standout Kelly Cobb was healthy again, and you can see highlights here:

With a win or a draw tonight, Duke will secure the title and the #1 seed going into the ACC Tournament, which they’ve never won. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m covering the team for a feature story, and I’ll be there in Raleigh this evening.

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  1. William says:

    Ok, here’s what is on the line tonight.

    There are 4 Erwin Cup pts awarded for ACC Regular Season Championship.

    • Duke Win or Tie: 4pts for Duke, Duke gets #1 seed in ACC Tourny
    • Duke Loss + UNC win + UVA Loss: 2pts for Duke, 2 pts for UNC, UNC gets #1 Seed ACC Tourny
    • Duke Loss + UNC win + UVA Win: 2pts for Duke, 2pts for UNC, 3 way tie for first, Duke gets #1 seed in ACC Tourny based on tiebreakers.
  2. Tbone says:

    From what I understand, they need “more cross over steps, thank you”. Whatever that means..

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