The Walk-Ons: Duke-UNC Preview

It’s time for another edition of:

The Walk-Ons.

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In today’s special Duke-UNC preview edition, Ben and I talk about the big game, investigate the ins and outs of Duke’s credentialing process, get to the bottom of referee bias, untangle the Duke-UNC hype conspiracy, fret about the looming ACC basketball boycott bathe in the wisdom of Bleacher Report, do something called a “lightning round,” and field questions from our listeners and twitter followers. It is an exciting day, my friends. Enjoy the game.

(Time stamps below the media player if you’d like to skip around.)

This week’s show runs over an hour because of the depth of the topics covered; chapters and time markers are added for listener convenience:

0:00 – Introduction
3:00 – Discussion of Grantland credential controversy
13:00 – Discussion of Duke/UNC backlash; ACC bias towards Duke and North Carolina
17:30 – Twitter Q&A #1
23:50 – Duke/UNC referee bias
36:40 – ‘Bleacher Report time’, Duke/UNC preview
42:35 – Our Duke/UNC breakdown
51:00 – Twitter Q&A #2

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  1. So if you think bloggers need to get more respect, why did you hate on the guys asking for a grantland shout-out for his blog? Should’nt blogger be trying to help each other out-all boats rise theory?

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