The Walk-Ons: Meet Team Internet!

Today’s episode is a complete humdinger. Ben is out of town, so I took it upon myself to interview all seven members of Team Internet competing this weekend in the Triangle Media Ryder Cup. For more information on that, see the linked post. What I think is really cool about this episode is that it shows how seven different people are hacking it in the (insecure) world of online sports journalism. How did they start? What was their big, lucky break? What motivates them, and where are they going from here? It’s a neat, small oral history of a world that just didn’t exist 15 years ago.

Also, I finish each interview by asking them questions James Lipton uses at the end of “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Things like, ‘what’s your favorite word?’ and ‘If heaven exists, what would you like God to say to you when you enter the Pearly Gates?’

Definitely one of my sneaky-favorite Walk-Ons posts. And we even got in touch with Ben from Florida!

In this episode more than others, you might want to use the time stamps below to navigate from interview to interview, and consume a few at a time. It starts with me all by lonesome, telling you about a great Durham charity we’re trying to raise money for. Hear me out (or don’t), and then it gets good.


Time Stamps:

0:00 – Intro, information about the Cup and Communities in Schools of Durham
7:58 – Austin Johnson – Pack Pride
15:21 –  James Curle – Riddick and Reynolds
25:40 –  Matt Purdy – Captain’s Pick
35:14 –  Lauren Brownlow –,,
47:09 –  Brian Barbour – Tar Heel Blog
62:57 – Ben Swain – Oxford Public-Ledger Online,
75:27 – Will Brinson – CBS Sports ‘Eye on NFL’ blog

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