Triangle Media Ryder Cup Results

The first annual Triangle Media Ryder Cup is in the books, and Team Traditional scored a runaway victory, beating Team Internet 10.5-5.5 with a strong performance in singles. I’ll write more about the day and the money we raised for charity later, but here are the results.

Session 1: Four-Ball

1. Jack Daly and Mark Armstrong, Traditional, def. James Curle and Brian Barbour, Internet, 2 & 1
2. Ben Swain and Shane Ryan, Internet, def. Joe Giglio and Andrew Carter, Traditional, 1-up
3. Matt Purdy and Lauren Brownlow, Internet, def. Hayes Permar and Mike Maniscalco, 1-up
4. Larry Stogner and Penn Holderness, Traditional, def. Austin Johnson and Will Brinson, Internet, 2 & 1

Score after session: Internet 2, Traditional 2

Session 2: Foursomes

1. Joe Giglio and Jack Daly, Traditional, def. Matt Purdy and Austin Johnson, Internet, 4 & 2
2. Shane Ryan and James Curle, Internet, vs. Larry Stogner and Mike Maniscalco, Traditional, Halved
3. Ben Swain and Will Brinson, Internet, def. Hayes Permar and Penn Holderness, Traditional, 1-up
4. Mark Armstrong and Andrew Carter, Traditonal, def. Brian Barbour and Lauren Brownlow, Internet, 2 & 1

Score after session: Traditional 4.5, Internet 3.5

Session 3: Singles

1. Larry Stogner, Traditional, def. Ben Swain, Internet, 3 & 2
2. Matt Purdy, Internet, def. Joe Giglio, Traditional, 1-up
3. Andrew Carter, Traditional, def. Shane Ryan, Internet, 1-up
4. Will Brinson, Internet, def. Penn Holderness, Traditional, 2 & 1
5. Hayes Permar, Traditional, def. Lauren Brownlow, Internet, 4 & 3
6. Jack Daly, Traditional, def. James Curle, Internet, 5 & 3
7. Mark Armstrong, Traditional, def. Brian Barbour, Internet, 2-up
8. Mike Maniscalco, Traditional, def. Austin Johnson, Internet, 4 & 3

Score after session: Traditional 10.5, Internet 5.5

Point Leaders


Jack Daly – 3
Mark Armstrong – 3
Larry Stogner – 2.5
Andrew Carter – 2


Ben Swain – 2
Will Brinson – 2
Matt Purdy – 2

The Sundered Wedge Award (MVP) – Jack Daly, Traditional

Good Job, Good Effort Award – Shane Ryan, Internet

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