The Walk-Ons: Duke-UK Wrap, Early Season Tourney Previews

What a show. What an amazing show. On the basketball side, Ben and I do some verbal flopping as Matt comes to terms with UK’s loss to Duke. We hit on the Florida-Wisconsin and Kansas-Michigan State games, and then we preview the early season tournaments on Matt’s “Would Go/Would Watch/Will Ignore” scale. On the non-basketball side, we talk about Matt’s love life and how it relates to a pair of missing shoes, we interview coaching legend JOHN WOODEN (he’s concerned that Nerlens Noel might have lice), revisit Hootie & The Blowfish memories, check out AXS.TV’s sick lineup of Dan Rather and JAG, and have a serious discussion about whether it was cool for a newspaper writer to imply that Alex Murphy might transfer. A real sparkplug of a show. The Kathy Griffin of shows, even. Bonus John Wooden footage (soundage?) after the closing song. Time stamps below.


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Time Stamps:

1:00 – Verbal flopping
1:45 – Calipari’s flopping comments
4:45 – Tales of Dickie V
5:40 – Shane & Matt meet in person. Oh GOD.
7:20 – Matt’s relations with the rest of the media (his drinks get sent back)
9:20 – NEW TWITTER ACCOUNT! Ben is psyched for dick pics
11:11 – Shane’s experience with Lil Wayne and his bodyguard
13:25 – The actual game
18:22 – The N&O’s Alex Murphy transferring controversy. Plus, Ben pisses off Ma Murphy
20:29 – How to (not) deal with message board criticism
29:00 – Michigan State – Kansas
31:50 – Matt tells about lifting weights with Aaron Tippin. Here’s the picture.
34:15 – Wisconsin-Florida
35:30 – Previewing the early season tourneys
37:10 – South Carolina debate- good state or bad?
53:30 – What is this AXS.TV? Programming, Dan Rather, JAG
1:08:30 – Listener wonders about Matt’s shoes, and how they play in to this gf issue
1:09:25 – Matt evades
1:12:18 – Bonus Wooden Footage

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