The Walk-Ons: Shabazz Cometh, Wolfpack Embarrassment, Realignment

It’s a big day in Walk-On land as Ben and I sip Angry Orchard ciders and talk to Matt (he’s drinking diet Mountain Dew) about Shabazz Muhammad’s first game, John Thompson III’s coaching ability, Marcus Smart embarrassing Wolfpack Nation in Puerto Rico, and Maryland taking its violence and rage to the Big Ten. Spike, of course, chimes in as our official Pac-12 correspondent, with some strong opinions on Shabazz and UCLA’s potential. We also hit our Bleacher Report quote of the week and Gilbert Gottfried jokes of the day, and Matt shows us a picture of John Calipari eating chicken on a recliner. We take questions and statements from email, twitter, and two listener voicemails, one psychopathic and one very…”South Carolinian.” Matt even brings a sociological perspective when he explains why Maryland fans are the worst. Some questions remain- what’s happening in Matt’s love life? Where is Aruba? Is an assassin coaching Mississippi State? Today’s music is “Buffalo” by The Deloreans, an awesome group out of Louisville.


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