Walk-Ons: Louisville to the ACC, Duke wins, Kentucky loses

Ben is recovering from a cold that leaves his voice more husky than usual, and the Walk-Ons are in rare form while discussing the continued realigment landscape. Matt is convinced Duke and UNC are bound for the SEC or Big Ten, while Shane and Ben aren’t so sure. When they agree to disagree, it’s time to talk about Duke’s win over OSU, who should be no. 1, and Kentucky’s flat play against Notre Dame. There’s also a quick look ahead to the weekend games. In between, we touch on Forrest Gump, Ben’s first date with his current wife, Matt’s best first date ever involving the Counting Crows, the similarity between Valentine’s Day and a Frasier episode, and other verbal shenanigans. It’s a crackler, this ‘un. It should be noted here that Matt is one of the few Americans to pronounce the word “what” correctly.

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2 Responses to Walk-Ons: Louisville to the ACC, Duke wins, Kentucky loses

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  1. Mike zilles says:

    Even sheeheys dad who played for UVA is annoying. My freshman yr 86 dec Cameron loved it when ferry sucker punched him in the groin and the refs only saw him retaliate and Tom sheeheys got tossed five minutes into the game. A few yrs earlier a fellow BOG alumnus Rick meager of duke famously spit in sheeheys dads face during an altercation, prompting the cheer “meagher spit in your face” cheer he heard in Cameron the rest of his career.

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