Walk-Ons: Big 10/ACC Challenge, Turkey Break Wrap-Up

It’s a wild and wooly show today, as we invite Galen Clavio from Crimson Cast to join us in the first ever Walk-Ons/Crimson Cast Challenge. The deal is that all four Crimson Casters (a great podcast out of Indiana that airs on Sundays and Wednesdays), pick all 12 ACC/Big 10 games, while the three of us do the same. We recruited a ringer from twitter named Pistol Pat O’Sullivan to be our fourth, and whoever gets the most picks right wins the day. (You can view everybody’s picks on this spreadsheet). We discuss all the ACC home games with Galen- Shane joined Crimson Cast to cover the Big Ten home games on Sunday– and then Matt, Ben, and Shane get down and dirty with UCLA, N.C. State, Duke’s new ranking, Kentucky’s development, Shane’s hipster love for Creighton and Gonzaga, and Sean Woods’ furious approach to life and basketball. Also, Matt’s radio show was hijacked by Islamic terrorists who MAY have been financed or tacitly supported by Rick Pitino. Lots of ground covered, lots of love, lots of emotion. “Buffalo” by The Deloreans is our music once again. There is an Easter Egg at the end of this podcast.


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