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The Weekend Rundown

Lots of goodness going down this weekend, and it all starts tonight.

Men’s Hoops

Friday – Davidson at Duke. Call me crazy, but I like the Blue Devils.

Sunday – Mississippi Valley State at UNC. Call me crazy, but I like the Delta Devils

Women’s Soccer

Friday – UNC vs. Baylor, in Gainesville. Second round NCAA action. If UNC wins, they’ll play Sunday against (probably) Florida.

Friday – Georgia at Duke. Can’t wait for this. Duke will host games through the quarterfinals if they keep winning. Like UNC, they’ll play again at 1pm Sunday if they win, against the winner of Ohio State and UW-Milwaukee.

Men’s Soccer

Sunday – Duke vs. New Mexico. The Devils won their first round NCAA match against Georgia State, and will now travel to Albuquerque to try to continue the run.

Sunday – UNC vs. Coastal Carolina. UNC had a first-round bye, and will host a second round game at Fetzer. Hopefully it doesn’t rain; Coastal Carolina is from the ocean, and they love playing on water.

Field Hockey

Friday – UNC vs. Connecticut, 2pm. It’s the Final Four! If UNC wins, they’ll face Old Dominion or Maryland in the championship Sunday at noon. They’ve beaten both already this season, though ODU handed the Heels their only loss early on. UNC has faced Maryland in the championship the past two season, with a win in 2009 and a loss in 2010. If you have any inclination, you can watch this one live on NCAA.com.

Back this afternoon with the Triangle Prophets. Enjoy your weekend.

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Catching Up on Duke/UNC Fall Sports

Hey gang, wanted to check in this morning with a quick update on some of the fall sports reaching their climax in the Triangle.

Women’s Soccer

As you all could probably tell, I’ve become pretty obsessed with women’s soccer this year, which I never imagined would be so much fun to watch. In that department, UNC suffered its FIRST EVER LOSS in the ACC tournament last weekend, losing in the quarterfinals to Florida State. That’s a bit of a deceiving word formulation, because UNC has actually lost three times previously on penalty kicks, but still, it’s the first regulation loss for the team that’s won 18 of 21 ACC tournaments. UNC also set a new program low with five losses on the season, and they’ll need an at-large bid to even make the tournament. Strange stuff for one of the best teams in college history.

The Dukies, on the other hand, are in prime form. Ranked third in the country, they’ll face Wake Forest in the ACC semis tomorrow in Cary (I’ll be there at 5:30). Duke won just its second ACC regular season title a week ago, and are vying for their first ACC tournament championship. After that, they’ll attempt to make just the second Final Four in school history, and win the first championship. Their lone ACC loss this year came to Carolina, when they were missing freshman standout Kelly Cobb and conceded the deciding goal with two minutes remaining.

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Duke takes its first Erwin Cup lead! (Sorta)

With last night’s 1-0 win over N.C. State, the Duke women’s soccer team won the regular season ACC championship (only the second in program history, and the first since 1994) and earned four points for the Devils in the Erwin Cup.

Technically, that gives Duke a 6.5-4.5 lead, as you see on the scoreboard to your right.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize is that the ACC field hockey season has come to an end, and the UNC women are champions. So…when those points go up, UNC will be back in the lead, 7.5-6.5.

But until William fixes the score…GO DEVILS!

Edit: I’ve fixed the scoreboard. GO HEELS! – William

The game in Raleigh was great last night. State smartly played a very defensive game, double- and triple-teaming Kelly Cobb up front and basically taking her out of the game. Continue reading

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Fall sports rankings and national title odds

Let’s take a look at the respective rankings of every fall sports team at Duke and UNC.


UNC: #35 (by the ‘others receiving votes’ portion of the USA Today poll)
Duke: #42 (hey, we got a vote!)

Men’s Soccer

UNC: #4
Duke: #26

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UNC Wins First Ever Erwin Cup Points

UNC field hockey player Elizabeth Stephens became the first athlete to score a point in the Erwin Cup last weekend, netting a double overtime goal to give UNC a 1-0 field hockey win over Duke.

Since the match took place in Chapel Hill, UNC earns 1.5 points. The current standings are:

UNC: 1.5
Duke: 0

For more information about the Erwin Cup, a year-long athletic competition pitting Duke against UNC, read here:

The history of W.A. Erwin and his Cup

The Rules

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The Erwin Cup is here!

History is about to be made, my friends. W.A. Erwin is about to ride Tobacco Road again, screaming his pioneering head off. In case you’re not schooled, the Erwin Cup is a brand new competition pitting Duke and UNC athletics against one another in a year-long battle. Points are accrued for rivalry wins, ACC titles, Final Four appearances, and National Championships. The sports are weighted according to importance, ensuring that this is the best and most accurate measure of the rivalry to date. For more info, read up on:

The history of W.A. Erwin and his Cup

The Rules

Tomorrow afternoon, at 1pm, it begins. UNC field hockey takes on Duke at Chapel Hill’s Henry Stadium in the first ever Erwin Cup set-to. Points are at stake, baby! The eyes of the world are on us!

If anyone happens to attend this match, or any other, you can achieve instant Tobacco Road Blues notoriety by taking a picture yourself with a sign at the game. It can be home-made, elaborate, or purchased. All we ask is that you have the blog name written somewhere along with the words “Erwin Cup.” Take a picture, send it along, and I will post the hell out of it and write some complimentary words. And you know what? I’ll also name the match after you. BAM! I can do that. Limited time only. Get it while it’s piping.

Am I expecting any blog readers to attend a field hockey match on a college football Saturday? Not necessarily. Am I willing to be surprised? Fuck yes necessarily. So willing. So willing that I just willed myself a daydream about field hockey. At least it started off that way. Turned into a daydream about me and an angry Abe Lincoln beating up some State fans in a parking lot. But there was like a minute or two of field hockey, I swear.

Come Monday, we should have a sweet page for you with a running tally of the Erwin Cup score courtesy of William the Intrepid (Site Designer). After that, we’re straight grooving for the year.

Second-to-last thing: the good folks at Grantland are letting me write a College Football Spectacular every Thursday. It’s a preview of the weekend ahead, it’s fun to write, and I would dearly appreciate y’all’s support. Triangle Prophets coming later.

Last thing: I discovered this song yesterday, and I’ve listened to it basically on repeat. What a chorus. Happy Friday, free souls.

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Kelsey Kolojejchick and the Pride of the Badass

As we approach the first ever Erwin Cup match, this Saturday between Duke and UNC field hockey, I thought it’d be appropriate to have some coverage. Luckily, in a sports writing class at UNC last year, our professor sent us to interview UNC star Kelsey Kolojejchick. She was the team’s leading scorer, and we talked with her in a facility near their field. This was the result.

The Pride of the Badass

The first thing you notice about sophomore Kelsey Kolojejchick, besides that twisting, impossible name, is her ego.

Oddly enough, it’s not a bad thing. Not entirely.


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UNC’s Mystifying Loss – Weekend Recap

For the first time in program history, the UNC women’s soccer team lost after leading by two goals.

I didn’t get to see this game, and on paper it doesn’t make much sense. Over the weekend, #10 Duke and #1 UNC played Texas A&M and UNC-Greensboro, but not each other, in the Duke Nike Classic. The Blue Devils pounded A&M into submission on Friday, winning 7-2, while UNC topped UNC-G 2-0 (UNC’s goals here). On Sunday, the expectation was that the Tobacco Road powers would grab two more wins. Duke held up its end, winning 2-0. After her great weekend, in which she notched two goals and four assists, Alaskan freshman Kelly Cobb was named TopDrawer’s National Player of the Week. You can see the Duke highlights below. Kaitlyn Kerr’s nifty goal is at 1:45, and Erin Koballa strikes at 3:30.

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The Weekend Recap – Good Signs

Last year, I was pretty lax about going to see non-basketball sports at Duke and UNC. I hit up most of the main football games, and I was definitely on the spot come hoops season, but I never went to a single soccer match, and only made it to a couple baseball, tennis, and lacrosse games in the spring. It’s lucky I did, though, because those late experiences kicked me into gear. I remembered how much fun it was to watch elite college sports of any kind, and I vowed to make an effort to get to more games this year.

Still, I didn’t know if I’d like watching women’s soccer this weekend at the Carolina Nike Classic. The defending national champs (Notre Dame) were in town, and sure, UNC has the most successful college program of any sport in the country, and yeah, I’ve been getting really into soccer over the past year and a half. But logic be damned- I was afraid to be bored.

Let me tell ya, I was one misguided dude.

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