Fall sports rankings and national title odds

Let’s take a look at the respective rankings of every fall sports team at Duke and UNC.


UNC: #35 (by the ‘others receiving votes’ portion of the USA Today poll)
Duke: #42 (hey, we got a vote!)

Men’s Soccer

UNC: #4
Duke: #26

Women’s Soccer

UNC: #15
Duke: #3

Field Hockey

UNC: #3
Duke: #6


UNC: unranked
Duke: #30

Men’s Cross Country

UNC: #24
Duke: unranked

Women’s Cross Country

UNC: #13
Duke: #26

If I had to handicap right now, here’s my list of national title hopefuls, from most likely to least likely:

1. UNC field hockey – 5:1
2. Duke women’s soccer – 7:1
3. UNC women’s soccer – 9:1
4. UNC men’s soccer – 10:1
5. Duke field hockey – 12:1
6. Duke men’s soccer – 20:1
7. Duke volleyball – 50:1
8. Everything else – impossible

I’m currently working on a long-form women’s soccer story that will culminate with next Thursday’s Duke-UNC game in Chapel Hill. Sorry for the short posts lately, Grantland has been busy and it’s sometimes tough to find the time. If you want to write for the site, now is an excellent time. And yeah, I still want to write about Duke-FIU. Hopefully later today or tomorrow.

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9 Responses to Fall sports rankings and national title odds

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  1. John K says:

    looks like a spurrier vote…

    1. William says:

      Definitely, but a quasi-legit mid-season vote nonetheless…

      1. John K says:

        fair enough…they are looking semi-legit. By the way, do you know that the trb.com site is blocked at federal facilities? I’m at a VA office one day a week and it is blocked due to its “tobacco related content”. Thought that would amuse you.

        1. Shane says:

          That’s hilarious.

    2. Nick says:

      You know, one of these years, Duke is going to be a legit top ten team and Spurrier’s still going to be voting them #25 on principle.

  2. sanfransoxfan says:

    Not liking that it’s blocked, John K, but liking the classic stereotype that is the US Govt.

  3. TarHeelAlex says:

    It must be really fun to have a vote in the college football polls. The only sports voting I’d rather have is a Baseball Hall of Fame vote.

  4. Tbone says:

    Everyone, including Sabin, knows how lucky The Tide is to not have the “Second Wallace Wade Showdown” this season. With Duke’s last three consecutive victories, you know ‘Bama won’t be thinking of jumping from the SEC to the ACC now! Just let The Tide stumble once this season and they may have to face off vs The Blue Devils in a bowl game. Reason enough for Sabin to go undefeated………..well, that’s what the word is out of Alabama anyway.

  5. billy says:

    in what poll is the Carolina women’s soccer team ranked 15? you should use soccertimes, it’s voted on by college coaches, who are better informed, as opposed to a much larger pool for the nscaa one. also, the fact that dook is ranked ahead of the heels (for whom i was a student manager from 04-07) is going to keep me up at night

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