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Is That a Hologram on Your Shirt or Are You Just Sweating Profusely?

If you hadn’t heard it was coming, or missed the announcement yesterday, UNC unveiled a new look for its men’s basketball uniforms. There were mixed reactions around the internet. Here are a few samples from various message boards:

  • “I usually stay out of the uniform threads because it’s a matter of taste and some new unis actually look good. This does not.”
  • “The hologram reminds me of the jerseys over there in jersey”
  • The 1976 Chicago White Sox are laughing at those uniforms.
  • “Did we keep our receipt?”
  • “Was this Holden Thorp’s idea?”
UNC's new Nike Aerographic jerseys

UNC's new Nike Aerographic jerseys

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The Queen of Style Checks In

Ever week or thereabouts, our new contributor Carrie will be analyzing uniforms from around the Tobacco Road universe. Today’s assignments are below.

1. Duke Football’s Black Uniforms

Duke's "controversial" new uniforms. Also appears they didn't quite make this play.

It’s not so much the shoulder stripes that concern me with Duke’s new uniforms – I actually think those are quite sharp and on a different uniform (on a different team?) might even lend an (appropriately) militaristic look to the uni – really, I’m bothered by those white helmets. Continue reading

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