The Rivalry Question of the Week

We’re going real simple this morning. This the is the shock grenade of rivalry questions.

What are the stereotypes of Duke or UNC students? Fans?

Obviously I know many of them, but I have a feeling I’ll be surprised by a few. These can be things you believe, don’t believe, or half believe. Let’s get them all on the record.

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5 Responses to The Rivalry Question of the Week

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  1. sanfransoxfan says:

    Duke – elitist, monied pukes from New Jersey.
    UNC – schizo personality. Elitist, monied pukes to NC State Fans, awe-shucks good ole boys to Duke fans.

  2. Tbone says:

    Dukies—brainiacs in blue jeans, ragged Duke sweatshirts, and worn frazzled Duke hats.
    Tar Heels——anti Duke folks in Ralph Lauren sweaters and khaki pants, and neat hair.

    Duke fans go home after a football loss hoping for a win before they graduate, bowing as they pass Cameron and Kville. UNC fans happy with a win, angered by a loss on the gridiron, wondering where Coach Davis went.

  3. jchenkel says:

    At Duke, I’d say you’re either Asian, a general dick, a Varsity athlete, or a complete nerd. And then there are just the usual folks who had no idea the mistake they were making when they were lured in by the fake gothic architecture (read: Shane).

    At UNC, you’re either a southern monied frat boy or sorority girl, a nerd/loser, or somewhere in the huge middle section of regular folks from NC cities that comes along with having 15-20k people at a school.

  4. steve_d says:

    UNC = average.
    Duke = elite

  5. Reinforcing Stereotypes says:

    Dear Shane,

    I am kind of sad to see “Seth Curry Saves Duke” fall by the wayside. While I understand that this new website is a good career move and expands your market, I am rather sad that it dilutes the Duke focus and forces loyal readers to rub shoulders with UNC folks. Not that there is a problem with that, but I liked the fan’s joint for what it was: unapologetic, Duke love.

    Here is another stereotype for you. As I am sure you created this site (or at least bring in the most traffic) you are the “Editor” which means all the UNC writers call you, the Duke grad, “boss.”


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